Kundali Bhagya 15th April 2024 Written Episode Update

Sandeep warns the Inspector to not cause problems in their work and make any sort of mistake because the hostages would have to pay the price for his mistake, he hears one of his associate pushing Kritika and Palki towards the main hall, Daljeet and Shanaya are shocked as the leader says that Preeta would die without any mistake, Nidhi gets worried thinking why did the criminal take the name of Preeta after looking at Palki, karan also asks how can Preeta die when the police enter, Rakhi is also worried when karan asks what problem does the criminal have with Preeta, he getting up says that he is a criminal and does not have any friendship, he fires the shot while looking at Palki seeing which karan along with everyone else is shocked,

Rakhi in shock takes the name of Palki, Preeta while being locked in the room wonders this is the sound of a bullet so she tries to open the door and thinks how can she do it, she using the hanger tries to open the door which she is able to manage after a lot of struggle, Preeta is glad that the door opened as she is worried for everyone, Preeta says she asked Varun to take care of kavya so where is she, Varun remembers when he gave Kavya the drink due to which she got unconscious, Preeta asks why is he looking around and she is asking where is Kavya.

Karan asks the criminal if he has lost his mind questioning why is he firing, Rajveer also comes when Palki is worried, Shanaya asks how did he dare fire the bullet at Palki, Nidhi wonders why is he calling Palki with the name of Preeta, Kritika also questions why did he call her by Preeta when her name is Palki, the criminal says he cannot understand anything. Rakhi says they are doing what the criminal asked them so what is the need to fire the bullet, Karina also demands an answer from him for firing the bullet.

Preeta questions why is Varun not saying anything when she is worried for her safety, Varun says she is hiding and Preeta asks how can he not know it when he is about to be married to her, Varun says he is himself trying to find her but Preeta replies Varun is lying and should tell the truth.

The leader shouts at everyone to shut up when the Inspector calls Sandeep asking why did he fire, Sandeep says that he is a beggar and had to fire the bullet to take their wealth, Inspector warns him of severe consequence if he fires the bullet but Sandeep says that he will fire the bullet if anyone comes in his way, the reporters say that this is the only robbery in which even the police is helpless.

Varun asks why is Preeta suspecting her when she says she is not doing anything but just worried about her safety, Daljeet tries to go near Palki when Sandeep fires the bullet at her feet which creates a panic and so everyone starts running while even Preeta rushes towards the main hall. Sandeep is with the other criminal who asks why is everyone calling their target Palki, Sandeep replies that everyone would have two names just like him but he goes to pull Nidhi by the gun, the criminal asks why is everyone calling the target by the name of Palki,

Nidhi points to the balcony saying that she is preeta, he fires the bullet at her seeing which everyone gets furious, both Rajveer and Shaurya start beating the criminal and then Nidhi calls him for help so he runs to start beating the person. Karan asks Preeta why did she come out when she was safe, Rakhi tells Mahesh that nothing would work like this and she has to do something, she going to the corner pulls the curtain and then says she was preparing the potli with which he will beat the criminals, she gives him a bit of courage so then he starts beating the criminals, Bani Dadi says even she will do the same but then she eels pain in her knee, Karina asks her to come with her to the corner but Kritika will show the truth, Karina forces Bani Dadi to come with her to the corner, kritika also goes to start beating the criminals.

Sandeep once again points the gun at Palki threatening to kill her seeing which everyone is shocked, Rajveer starts running to Palki but Sandeep then first a bullet at her, karan however pulls him to the side, Shaurya is able to push Sandeep away from palki and starts beating him, Sandeep is on the floor when Karan asks what was Rajveer doing even when he is courageous, he ask what if something happened to him so karan hugs Rajveer tightly while being emotional.

Palki is glad that Rajveer hated Karan sir but now all of the misunderstandings have ended, Preeta comes to thank karan when Shaurya pushes Sandeep who once again pick the gun, and fires the bullet at karan but Rajveer pushes him aside and gets hit by a bullet, seeing this the entire Luthra family is shocked when the other criminal sees Preeta helping Rajveer so comes from behind but Rajveer pushes her away and gets stabbed by the knife again, Karan not being able to control himself starts beating the criminal, Shaurya along with the remaining family runs to Rajveer, Preeta talks of the hospital when the Inspector along with the police force enter, Shaurya runs to beat Sandeep, karan comes to Rajveer saying that a lot of blood has been split, he is able to pick Rajveer when Mahesh asks Shaurya to go to the hospital.

Mahesh is helping the Inspector search the house, Karina asks Bani Dadi to come with her to the side. Mahesh points to Sandeep who is hiding but he is able to run away and then picks a knife while pointing it at Roma threatening to kill her if they come ahead, he then calls Birju and Amar so they both come running to stand beside Sandeep, Roma thinks that Aaliya is still present here and it is better that she should take Aaliya outside, Roma wonders why is Sandeep taking her outside when she has to take care of Aaliya, Bi jee distracts the attention of the criminals going an opportunity to the police to start beating them

Inspector says it did not feel they were present here to steal the papers so orders the constables to take the criminals to the police station, Mahesh appreciates the Inspector. Mahesh comes asking Roma how will she take Aaliya alone she assures she will be able to do it when he calls the constable.

Karan reaches the parking when he is stunned as all of the cars are trapped, Shaurya says his car is parked a bit far away but Karan says they donot have that much time, karan goes outside trying to stop the taxi, Nidhi along with preeta are not able to stop a taxi when karan sees the wooden stall so asks them to place him over there, he says that they should cover the wound.

Daljeet in the house exclaims the criminals have beaten her a lot and even took the jewelry so she feels that her head will separate from the body, Shanaya asks her mother to over act so much as the doctor said that she just had a little scratch and Daljeet forcefully asked him to apply the bandage, Bi jee demands Daljeet should stop as she will suffer a lot of pain, Daljeet asks Bi jee to call Rakhi Luthra and give them some loan so they will take her to the hospital, and what if she gets a bit humor when Shanaya replies she has not suffered any injury but Daljeet requests Bi jee to call the Luthra’s however Shanaya stops Bi jee. Daljeet explains both the girls are there still they have not gotten any benefit as it is not the case when Bi jee agrees to call the luthra’s

Karina is helping Bani Dadi when she notices Rakhi crying so asks the reason when Rakhi says that she is glad Rajveer came into their lives because he is the one who saved Karan, she would surely go to meet him in the hospital, Arohi agrees that Rajveer saved Karan but says she warned them that Preeta is the cause of all the problems.

Update Credit to: Sona

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