Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th April: Abhira Shuts Down Ruhi !

The Episode starts with man saying Abhira is here. Armaan and Ruhi run to Abhira. He takes Abhira in his arms and asks her to wake up. The man gives some water. Armaan sprinkles water on her face. He says you fight and pull my ears, don’t do this. Vidya collides with Manisha. The milk glass falls. Manisha says sorry, are you fine. Vidya says I m scared. Manisha says it broke by my mistake. Vidya worries. He asks Armaan to talk to him. Abhira says don’t shout. He says if anything happened to you, then I would have died. The man gets a call. He says I will go now. Armaan thanks him. The man says I was passing by, I heard the blast sound and came running, I saw her lying unconscious.

They leave. The man takes Dadi’s call. He says your timing is good, be thankful, I got money in time, Armaan and two bahus are safe. She warns him. He laughs and says we can’t leave you so soon, I will call again. Dadi says I will go and tell everyone that kids are fine. Manish and everyone talk to Ruhi on video call. Ruhi says Armaan saved me. Manish asks about Abhira. Ruhi says she is fine, she is resting now. He says fine, come back soon. He ends call and says our girls are safe, but the kidnappers are roaming free.

Manoj says kidnappers will be caught soon, don’t worry. Manisha says they didn’t ask for ransom. Manish says yes, nobody does this without a reason. Manoj says they knew everything about them. Kajal says yes, don’t worry, I trust Madhav, he will catch the goons then every secret will be out. Dadi looks on. Armaan puts Abhira on the bed. He gives her medicine for sore throat. He removes her bangles and necklace. He does the aid to her. She sees the divorce papers. Manisha says Abhira left the books and files open. He asks servant to clean the room well. Servant gives her Ruhi’s letter. She checks it.

She checks the diary. Manoj comes. She says Abhira’s handwriting is diff, someone else wrote it. He says forget it, come. They go. Armaan comes to Abhira. He asks her to have the food and juice. Abhira says thanks for your help, go now, its good, I got the divorce papers. He says I didn’t get it, stop it now, I didn’t ask you to sign it. Ruhi looks on. Abhira asks how did it come. Ruhi says I got it here. Abhira argues with her.

Ruhi says I m trying to make his relation with family better, you always take rash decision. She blames Abhira. They both go on arguing. Armaan worries. Ruhi goes. Abhira asks who is Ruhi to decide my future, you scold me and Ruhi also scolds me, I m a human, not a you, this is our relation, you have no right to make place for any third person. He thinks to hold her and goes. She cries.

Ruhi recalls her words. Armaan comes. She says you didn’t stop Abhira when she taunted me. He says forgive me, I m the reason for everything. Abhira hears the two staff persons fighting. She says I will sort out the bill, go. She says maybe Armaan also thought so, so he didn’t tell me about the divorce papers, I shouted at him.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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