Teri Meri Doriyaan 15th April : Garry Comes Visiting

Angad hires labours to build gurudwara wall. Gurudwara chief walks to him. Angad greets him. Chief says as Sahiba said, he he is trustable and started wall construction; wishes him happy bisakhi. Angad asks if he can help in festival arrangements. Chief says there is no need for that, he just can finish wall construction. Garry gets ready to visit Panesar and thinks this the best chance to meet Sahiba and reunite Angad and Sahiba. Keerat asks where is he going early morning. Garry says he is going to Panesar as Angad needs him, he feels something is wrong there.

Keerat says there is Bani’s school function today and he should focus on his family first. Jasleen walks in and asks why are they arguing early morning. Keerat says he is going to Panesar instead of attending Bani’s school function. Jasleen asks Garry to and tells Keerat that even if she stops him here, his mind will be in Panesar and hence she should let him go, they will attend Bani’s school function. Keerat agrees.

Angad helps labours in wall construction. Gurudwara committee member says there is a lot of crowd today due to festival, can he do some service. Angad agrees and stands near footwear stand. Diljeet with Sahiba visits gurudwara and stands chatting with his friend. Sahiba walks to footwear stand and finds a nail in her shoes. Angad without noticing her asks if he can help her. She gives him her shoes. He removes it and returns it to her. A labourer asks Angad if he can come and check the construction. Angad leaves. Sahiba realizes it was Angad.

Diljeet walks to Sahiba and says he heard someone broke gurudwara wall, so he will go and check. Sahiba says let us go in and pray first. Diljeet says this gurudwara is his first house and has responsibilities towards it. He walks to the construction area and notices Angad there, asks if he didn’t go to Ludhiana yet. Angad says he broke the wall last night by mistake and is getting it constructed. Diljeet says it’s good that he is fine. Angad thinks why didn’t Sahiba inform Diljeet about the accident. Diljeet says this gurudwara is his first house as he spent his initial years of life here. Laborers ask Angad to fix a first brick. Angad asks Diljeet it fix it. Diljeet says let us both fix it.

Garry walks to Angad and wishes him happy baisakhi. Angad is surprised to see him there, hugs and wishes him back. Diljeet asks Angad if he is his brother. Angad says Garry is younger brother who takes care of his business and keeps him tension-free. Diljeet says he feels good seeing their brotherly love. Angad introduces Diljeet to Garry. Diljeet excuses himself and walks to Sahiba. Angad describes what had happened last night. Garry thanks god that Angad is safe. After prayers, Diljeet returns to Sahiba and says they shall return home. Keerat and Jasleen video call Garry and chat with him. Garry notices Sahiba and looks shocked. They ask if he is fine. Garry says he will talk to them later and disconnects call. He follows Sahiba, reaches her house, and wishes her happy baisakhi bhabhi. Sahiba is shocked to see him.

Precap: Akeer plays hide and seek with Sahiba. A mysterious couple offers him gifts and takes him away.

Update Credit to: MA

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