Kavya 26th February 2024 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Kavya looking at Rajeev. Anjali says you have to take care of this family, you have this responsibility. Malini says your principles can’t be bigger than the family. Adi says leave Kavya, Maa. He gives some water to Kavya. Kavya says Adi, I don’t understand… He asks her to have water first. She drinks water. He says look at me, are you sure that you have seen dad with that man, tell me. She says I was there, very close, it wasn’t an accident, Giriraj had pushed that man intentionally. He says fine, I believe you, you will give your statement, come. Malini says Adi, you want to send your dad to jail. He says Kavya won’t lie to save dad. Anjali says I m asking her to stay quiet. Omi takes Adi aside. He says it will be a big drama. Adi says you are habitual to cover up crimes. Omi says no, Kavya will become dad’s enemy, I know what Giriraj does to his enemies, he will save himself, stop Kavya, we can’t see her destruction, go and explain Kavya. Adi says I have to talk to dad first. Malini says I will also come. Santu says media has come to ask
Kavya for answers.

Giriraj orders the constable to get cream biscuits. Constable comes running and says Adi and Malini have come. Giriraj asks him to lock the door and take the table away. He acts sad. Malini and Adi come. She asks what did you do. Giriraj says I didn’t do anything, I can’t kill anyone. Adi says Kavya has seen you, is she lying. Giriraj says she is saying the truth. Rajeev asks Kavya not to give any statement. Kavya goes. Giriraj says I was there, some party member called me and said Kavya has gone to a dangerous place, I went there to protect her. Adi says she doesn’t lie, she has seen you pushing Vinod in front of the truck. Giriraj says no, I fought with him to save Kavya, I didn’t do it intentionally, but to save my life, it was an accident, this is politics, opposition party is doing this. Malini says he is right, Adi, talk to Kavya, ask her not to give statement against Giri, he is innocent. Kavya cooks food. Rajeev tries to pacify her. He says I wanted to keep you away from this family, I can’t lose you. He cries. Media asks for Kavya.

She says sorry, I can’t give any statement. Reporter taunts her. Rajeev asks them to leave. Asha comes and asks for an answer. She asks Kavya to answer her. The reporters call Kavya a corrupt officer. They throw things at Kavya. Adi and Malini come home. Kavya gets hurt by a vase. Adi runs to Kavya. He scares the reporters and asks them to leave. Asha says I want justice, will you give us justice, tell me. Adi hugs Kavya. Anjali gets angry on the reporters. Malini says media spreads false news, you did right to not give an answer. Adi asks Malini to go and save her husband. Malini says Kavya has taken the right decision. Adi says yes, how long will you make her silent. He argues. He says she is silent because she respects the family, she will always respect Giriraj. She says you mean your dad is lying. He says I have always seen him doing such things, I can’t trust him, I will help Kavya come out of this dilemma. She worries. Adi goes to Kavya and asks are you 100% sure that dad had pushed that man. Kavya nods.

Adi says fine, come with me to the police station, I won’t let you cheat your duty, come and do your duty. Malini and Anjali ask Adi and Kavya to stop. Omi says Adi is inviting trouble for Adi. Anurag gets Giriraj’s bail papers. He goes to Giriraj and says happy independence day, get happy. Giriraj comes out. Adi brings Kavya there. Giriraj worries.

Giriraj warns Kavya. Kavya gives her statement.


Update Credit to: Amena

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