Kundali Bhagya 26th February 2024 Written Episode Update

In the morning Preeta says when the doctor told her she could do this job she felt very appreciated thinking she could do something, Rajveer agrees to not stop her if she feels happy doing it, Preeta replies she is very happy but today is the engagement of Kavya however she will not be able to come as there is some emergency in the hospital but Rajveer should go and wish Kavya even from her side, Preeta leaves after taking blessings from Mata Rani while Gurpreet goes into the kitchen. Palki enters the house and starts looking at Rajveer remembering how she slapped him at the valentine party when she then met him later but he ran away. They both keep staring at each other.

Kavya asks Rakhi how is this dress, and she replies all the dresses are fine but she does not find it suitable when had she been well and then gotten something very good for her, Kavya sitting down exclaims she thinks they can even postpone the function however Rakhi replies this injury would get better very soon, she knows how Varun is eagerly waiting for the wedding so she would not allow any delay. Rakhi is very glad to hear the news of her wedding, Rakhi says she could not understand how she fell that day from the stairs and even in the hospital she was very tense feeling that someone very close to her heart was severely ill and she could not help that person. Kavya thinks about how her father got injured and was admitted, Rakhi says she felt the same yesterday night and did not understand who needed her help, Rakhi sees Kavya is emotional so apologizes to her as they are talking about her function and she needs to look at the dresses, Rakhi asks why is Mummy jee standing there, Bani Dadi says she is not well but still not resting, she will surely get tired during the function however Rakhi says she is fine and the injury would have been filled, she cannot rest anymore since today is the engagement of Kavya. Bani Dadi agrees saying she has to go to the hospital as Karan called her, but Rakhi tries to refuse when Kavya replies she must listen to them so Kavya takes Rakhi away, Bani Dadi prays that Rakhi should recover quickly,

Palki is sitting at the table when Rajveer comes out to get ready for the office, she asks what happened last night but he refuses to say anything, she asks about it when Rajveer informs they have some land in Jamshadpur and he is tensed about it but Palki says he is lying, asking if he does not share his problems with her then how would they spend their life and how will they trust each other but she knows he told her the truth last night, even when it was not entirely clear however she knows he has a problem with Karan sir. Palki says she cannot understand him when he becomes quiet, she asks if he would also come with her to the engagement party. Rajveer refuses to go when Palki asks what was the need to make the relationship if he cannot fulfill it, Rajveer replies he does not want to have any relationship with Karan Luthra or his family, Palki asks if Kavya has ever done anything with Rajveer or misbehaved, saying she considers him as her brother and will he not go on such a big event, Rajveer is quiet.

Preeta greets the doctor who welcomes her onboard saying today is their first day at the hospital, preeta assures them she will give the best to the job when he has selected her without any checking, when the doctor calls the nurse telling her to show Preeta to the Physio department. The doctor greets Karan, who keeps staring at Preeta, the doctor asks Rakhi when she replies she is fine but Karan says that she would keep saying it even when she is still sitting in the wheelchair, Rakhi requests the doctor to let her get away from the bandage, doctor praises her for being very courageous and then asks the nurse to take her to cabin, she even tells the receptionist to send the physio to his cabin, Preeta comes while Karan is just looking at her.

Preeta enters the cabin while Rakhi is sitting in the wheelchair, eh asks Preeta to take good care of her as she tends to get angry very quickly, Preeta seeing Rakhi thinks if she finds out that she is aunt Rajveer she will not get treatment from her as one tends to get more stubborn with those whom they are close to, she thinks of not letting her find out she is the aunt of Rajveer. Preeta sits in front of Rakhi and asks her to keep quenching the ball, she starts the treatment when Rakhi feels a bit of pain but she keeps looking at Preeta who slowly starts removing the bandage, Rakhi is just staring at her, she starts checking the feet for any injury. Rakhi blesses her, Preeta then applies the other bandage saying it is done. Preeta mentions she can leave now and informs the doctor she is much better, revealing she told her some new exercises and she feels they can arrange it after a week, Preeta leaves when the doctor asks Rakhi how is she feeling, Rakhi replies she is much better and asks if this physio has just joined them, she praises the doctor.

Palki asks Rajveer what problem he has with Kavya, she sits down and questions why is he behaving so odd, and should tell her what problem he has with Karan Luthra, Rajveer replies that Kavya is the daughter of Karan Luthra, Palki questions what problem does he have with Karan Luthra when Rajveer mentions they will end the topic right here, Palki insists on finding the problem he has with Karan Luthra because he keeps changing the topic, Rajveer agrees to mention he works for Karan Luthra and does all the projects but he never appreciates him, Palki asks why is Rajveer behaving like a child, as the work should remain in the office and how can he mix it with the relations as they are made from the heart.

Palki answers the call from Kavya saying he should tell her that he is not coming, kavya asks where is Rajveer as today is the function of his sister and he should come when Rjaveer replies that she should let the work happen, he then explains that he will reach her after two hours. Palki takes the phone saying he differentiates, mentioning when she asked him to come then he refused but now agrees when Kavya asks him to come, Rajveer says he will talk about it later, Palki agrees saying she has seen him be so strict for the first time but he seems nice, they both start smiling when palki going to the door asks him to not forget picking her for the function, she leaves after waving at him.

Preeta is walking in the hall when Karan follows her, he sees how she quickly runs to help a patient sit on the bench while instructing the ward boy to quickly come and help the person sit in a wheelchair. Karan thinks he has missed Preeta and is very angry but does not know what she is suffering from, he has no idea if he should ask for punishment for himself but he knows it will not be enough if he suffers a lot as the pain Preeta suffered can not be measured and he knows no one would be able to bear it. Preeta turning asks the sister if the other patient has arrived, Rakhi asks Karan where was he lost, and she praises the therapist who performed the treatment today. Rakhi reveals that she was showing her how to perform the exercise, Karan thinks that she was Preeta but does not have any idea how much everyone missed her, however, he cannot make her remember the relationship as the doctor revealed it would hurt her mind.


Update Credit to: Sona

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