Kavya : Kavya Offers a Solution to Omi’s Issues !

According to the plot, Kavya devises a plan to help Omi by suggesting that his wife pursue IVF. Unfortunately, this notion backfires when Omi becomes enraged, accusing Kavya of meddling in his affairs. Giriraj and Adhiraj also become upset with Kavya, as she is blamed for exposing Omi’s infertility secret.

Omi directs his anger towards his wife Alka, holding her responsible for disclosing his infertility to Kavya. He believes that Alka never wanted to face the judgement of others for her inability to conceive. In a fit of rage, Omi locks himself in a room and contemplates suicide, even resorting to picking up a blade. The family is shocked and rushes to the scene, breaking down the door and swiftly escorting Omi to the hospital.

In the upcoming episode, Giriraj and Adhiraj hold Kavya accountable for Omi’s distressing condition. Overwhelmed with guilt, Kavya conceives a solution. She brings Adhiraj to the baby ward of the hospital and reveals the existence of an orphaned child. Kavya proposes that Omi should consider adopting this baby in order to fulfill his dream of having a complete family. Adhiraj approves of Kavya’s idea and supports her in implementing it.

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