Anupamaa: Baa Creates Major Issues; Will Anupama Give Up Her Dreams Again?

Anupamaa’s life has been full of exciting events lately, including being chosen to lead Malti Devi’s team in the USA. Malti Devi gave Anupamaa a clear directive to prioritize her career and avoid being consumed by household responsibilities. Meanwhile, Samar and Dimple’s wedding has concluded.

Leela and Dimple harbor a strong animosity towards one another and are eagerly anticipating the chance to sabotage each other’s joy.

In the upcoming episode, Baa’s actions will cause trouble for newlyweds Samar and Dimple. Despite their desire to spend their first night together, Baa prohibits them from doing so and instead invites Dimple to sleep with her, citing the absence of Babuji.

Samar will face the wrath of Dimple’s anger as she unleashes her fury upon him for simply agreeing to Baa’s words.

Could Anupamaa’s plan be ruined by Baa and Dimple? What’s to come next?

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