Shiv Shakti September 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Mahadev thanking Parvathi for returning his trishul and saying it will always remind him Shakti’s presence around him. He looks at the trishul and recalls Parvati decorating trishul. Mainavathi tells Parvati that a child’s happiness is most important for the parents. Parvati says her parent’s decision is most important to her.

Ganga thinks Parvati is not a normal woman but a mother of whole universe, she and Narad’s motto is to get her and Shiv married. Narad emerges and says they have to try their best until Shiv and Parvati’s marriage finishes. Parvati tells Himavan that she will marry a person he chooses and says he can sleep peacefully now.

Deeti tells Tarakasur that Parvati’s decision to marry Vindhya Kumar will not deter her fate to marry Shiv. Tarakasur says he will attend Vindhya Kumar and Parvati’s wedding and will trick and marry Parvati. Deeti, Rahu, and Ketu feel happy hearing that. Parvati recalls her promise to her parents while praying Shivling. Narad emerges and says when there is a fight between mind and heart, mind can’t be in peace; as a guru, he came to guide her. He asks why did she stop greeting Shiv today while she does it everyday.

Parvati says she is in a dilemma if the idol she is imagining and praying is right? Ganga meets her parents. Mainavati asks what is she doing here at this time. Ganga says Parvati’s childhood dream is to marry Shiv, hence they shouldn’t break her dream. Mainvati asks if she didn’t see Parvati agreeing to marry Vindhya kumar. Ganga says she didn’t say it by heart and said it out of love and respect for her parents. She tells Himavan that he has seen how Parvati is praying Shiv since childhood and he can’t ignore it.

Narad tells Parvati that when the mind is in dilemma, one should rethink about their decisions again. Parvati says she did and can’t forget Kamadev turning into ashes and Shiv’s angry avatar. Narad says truth is different from what she saw, Shiv is not ruthless as she thinks. Parvati says the Shiv she was praying and one she saw are different. Narad says water not only sets off fire, but sometimes provokes it; how can Shiv who drank halahal to save the universe harm Kamdev, truth is whatever Shiv did is after much thought and whatever Rathi did is out of anxiety; she shoud imagine the Shiv in her mind.

Parvati imagines Shiv in Shivling. Ganga tells Mainvathi that even she had dreamt of getting Shiv once, but nobody helped her that time and hence Mainavati shouldn’t take a decision which will make her repent later. Mainavathi says she took a decision after much thought, Parvati is afraid of Shiv’s angry avatar, hence she can’t get Parvati married to Shiv knowingly, Parvati can’t bear a child in life if she marries Shiv, does Ganga want her sister to bear a taunt of being infertile her whole life.

Parvati says Shiv is her god, she made a mistake of imagining Shiv as her life partner and hence she got a curse from Rathi, so she will forget her love towards Shiv and will engrasp herself in Shiv’s love. Narad says marrying Shiv is in her destiny.

Mahadev says while walking around the jungle, they come across beautiful flowers but fear plucking them due to fear of thorns around them; they need to accept even thorns if they want to experience perfume of the flower; similarly if they want to grow in life, they need to accept difficulties in life.

Precap: Parvati says she wants to get engrasped in his devotion to forget her love towards him, but getting more closer to him. She performs shivling’s abhishek and water falls on Shiv.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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