Anupamaa : Kavya Targets & Humiliates Anupama in Baa-Bapuji Anniversary

Shah family is in a celebratory mode as Baa and Bapuji clock 50 years of their happily ever after. Shah family members along with Anuj and GK are seen celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. In the upcoming episode, we will see men of the Shah family performing qawwali on the song, Tum se mil kar dil hai jo haal. Midst of this qawwali act, Anuj imagines dancing with Anupamaa, while the reality is the Shah family is dancing to this song and Anuj is nowhere close to Anupamaa like imagined by him.
Amidst the celebration, Vanraj gets a call, where he is heard asking someone on a call if the package is ready. Later instructing the person on call to strictly deliver the package to him only, later Anuj too gets a call from an unexpected person. Looking all puzzled on receiving this certain person’s call, he is aware that he doesn’t want to spoil this day, as Anupamaa is happy to be with her family. The entire family sits down for dinner.
The conversation at the dinner table is about the pros and cons of marriage. Pakhi states witnessing whatever has happened in her family, she doesn’t want to get married. But Vanraj asks her to see Baa-Babuji and how their marriage has set an example for everyone.

Later Babuji grooves to Saajan ji ghar aaye; on the other hand, Kavya is boiling with anger. Targetting Anupamaa during the photoshoot, Kavya tells her that she had enough.
Will Kavya create a scene, what will Vanraj do? To know more keep following this space.
Credit: Spotboye

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