Barsatein 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update

Reyansh is found at Ozien Bakery, where Beena spots him mixing alcohol in his coffee. She expresses her concern as to how this could lead to her cafe’s licence being taken away, but Reyansh promises her that he will take care of it should that happen.

Beena implored Reyansh to go back to Delhi since he had been laid off, adding that the city was too small to offer him the same options as bigger cities. Reyansh accepted his suggestion and was about to set off when he got a call from his friend, who happened to be in Delhi, so he altered his plans and decided to meet them there.

When Sunaina and Aradhana ran into each other in the office, Sunaina informed her that Reyansh had set up a birthday celebration in the conference room. Aradhana did not seem to care and became melancholic about Reyansh’s choice. Sunaina reminded Aradhana that she had wanted Reyansh to be away, urging her to concentrate on her own life now that her wish was granted. Nonetheless, Aradhana was determined not to let Reyansh go.

Reyansh determines to quit the bakery, but Beena generously provides him with her signature cookies. She further encourages Reyansh not to give up on Aradhana, the reason why he had come to the city from Delhi, altered his identity and changed his behaviour. He commends her for being shrewd and then departs.

When Aradhana receives word from someone on the phone that Taneja’s news regarding Reyansh is accurate and the source is ready to give testimony, she is relieved that she can provide proof that Reyansh’s decision was justified. She questions why she is trying to help him, rather than being satisfied that he is leaving. She decides to take action to keep Reyansh from departing Dehradun, even though he is not responsible.

At the Khanna residence, the family attempts to cheer Kimaya up by proposing to take her to her most loved spot. Kimaya remains quiet. Aradhana enters the Khanna home and reveals to Viren that Vikram’s (Reyansh) data about Taneja is precise, thus his choice to terminate Vikram isn’t right. Viren cautions Aradhana not to get into his working environment matters in his home, yet Aradhana dismisses and commends Reyansh’s exertion to build Viren’s channel TRP with his remarkable news as Viren wanted from him. Malini and the three Khanna sisters contend with Viren about his biased choice towards Vikram (Reyansh) and constrain him to keep Reyansh from leaving the city. Viren agrees and attempts to contact Reyansh, however, the last doesn’t answer his or Aradhana’s calls. Kimaya calls Reyansh, yet he cuts off regardless of Kimaya’s solicitation not to leave the city. Viren tells his family he did his best and he can’t do anything more than this. Kimaya requests from Aradhana to keep Reyansh from leaving the city.

Aradhana initially decides to let Reyansh go away from the city, but then realizes it would be unjust for him to leave with a bad reputation. To prevent this, she attempts to reach Reyansh. He hopes that she will be pleased with his choice. However, Aradhana inadvertently takes Kimaya’s phone instead of her own and calls Reyansh with it, desperately begging him not to depart. Unluckily, Reyansh does not heed her pleas.

When Bhakti dials Aradhana’s number, it is Malini who picks up. Apprehensive, Bhakti pretends to be someone else, requesting Malini to pass on a birthday wish to Aradhana. Anger ensues in Malini as Aradhana had neglected to inform them about her birthday. At the same time, Aradhana is looking for Reyansh at the bus station, and suddenly sees him getting on a bus. She screams out his name as the bus departs.

Precap: Aradhana is relieved to see Reyansh come back to her. Later, Bhakti’s birthday wishes bring tears of joy to Aradhana and Reyansh and Sunaina can be seen in the background.

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