Katha Ankahee 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha and Viaan are welcomed by their relatives and Kailash questions them about their excursion to the temple. In response, Viaan fabricates a story to everyone. After this, he requests Maya to explain what she was intending to tell him. Teji, remembering her exchange with Maya, creates a false reason to make everyone believe her.

Teji is called by Maya and is asked by her to contact Ehsan and Vanya and request them to go to the house. Even though Teji protests to inviting Vanya, she is asked to do as told. After some time, Ehsan and Vanya come to meet Katha and Viaan. Ehsan attempts to take Viaan to talk inside, but he is stopped. Ehsan gets irritated. Maya then appears, admiring the bond between Katha and Vanya and jokingly telling Viaan that he is fortunate to have them both. She further enquires Vanya if she and Katha are the best of friends, to which Vanya answers that she desires to be. Vanya also states that the relationship between Katha and Viaan is like an open book. This leaves Maya confused.

Ehsan entreated Viaan to accompany him inside, to which Kailash asked him where he was taking the child. This was overheard by Maya, who was surprised. Ignoring the query, Ehsan took Viaan with him. The memory of her discussion with Ehsan came back to Maya and she concluded that he was the one who wanted to keep the mystery surrounding Katha-Viaan hidden. She then glanced at Teji, who was stunned.

Viaan queries Ehsan about his worried appearance, and Ehsan responds by embracing him. He goes on to inform Viaan that he wanted an answer from him but reassures him that he won’t judge him, leaving Viaan perplexed. Just then, they hear Teji’s screams and run downstairs. Teji pretends that she has injured her ankle, and Maya insists Viaan take her to the hospital. He complies, with Katha accompanying him. Ehsan tries to go along, but Viaan does not agree, and upon noticing Maya’s challenging gaze, Ehsan fabricates an excuse and exits the house.

Farah poses a question to Ehsan, asking what is causing his distress, but he declines to say. She then gives him a glass of water, which he accepts. Subsequently, Katha and Viaan bring Teji back to his home. Maya and Teji both remind Katha and Viaan that the bride and groom should not meet each other until the wedding day, which Viaan refutes, but Katha assents to the ritual. She then decides to go, so Viaan exits to send her off with the chauffeur. Teji orders the servant to put Aarav’s things in the storeroom, which Katha overhears and, perturbed, departs quickly.

Viaan informs Maya and Teji of his intentions to meet Ehsan who wants to discuss something significant with him; nonetheless, they attempt to persuade him to not proceed, but to no avail. Teji is particularly anxious. In the meantime, Katha becomes uneasy, recollecting Teji’s utterances and lies to Aarav that she is okay. At the meeting place, Viaan is taken aback and perplexed upon discovering Ehsan in a deep sleep. Farah furnishes him with a false account. On the other hand, Kailash regales the family with the amusing stories of his and Kavita’s wedding, causing everyone to guffaw heartily.

Precap: Viaan requests Katha to not be shy to reach out to him whenever she pleases. Teji and Maya investigate Viaan’s phone and discover material that works in their favour. At the same time, the Garewal family carries out Katha’s vidaai event while Kailash appears worried.

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