Kundali Bhagya 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update

Palki is walking when Rajveer follows her but Shanaya bumps into him and is about to fall so he catches her, Daljeet and Shaurya both see them from the corners of the hall and get furious, Rajveer starts looking for Palki but is not able to find her. Daljeet coming says that Shanaya has gotten very weak and tends to fall anywhere, she takes her away when Rajveer sees Shaurya standing there so why did he come once again, when he warned Shaurya to stay away from her. Shaurya asks if she is his girlfriend because of which he is so possessive, Rajveer replies if this is why he would stay away then she is his girlfriend, hearing this Palki walks away. Shaurya replies that she is still not his wife and who knows she might come to him, Rajveer leaves saying that she would never be his girlfriend.

Shambu is still not telling the truth when Shristhi asks Mohit to bring the big stick that was in his room, she starts torturing Shambu who takes the name of Nidhi hearing which Mohit is shocked asking who is this person, Preeta replies they only know one Nidhi, Mohit says she s the mom of Shaurya when Preeta relies she is now sure that it was Nidhi who tried to murder her in the hospital, Mohit asks what is her problem with Preeta je that she wants to take her life, Preeta says she has to go and talk with Nidhi, Gurpreet also asks what problem does Nidhi have with her, Shristhi exclaims she is going to support Preeta di this time as there have been multiple attacks on her life and they need to take care of her now, Shristhi vows she is surely going to beat Nidhi today, Preeta angrily leaves when Shristhi warns Mohit to keep a close eye on Shambu since he is their proof, Mohit asks her to not be worried.

Karan is on the call, Nidhi walking in the hall thinks her choice is very good since he is still a handsome person and she wonders when is their love story going to begin since the person who is very close to her heart does not know about her feelings, karan notices Nidhi so tries to walk away but she stumbles and is abut to fall when he catches her, karan closes his eyes and immediately starts thinking about Preeta, he asks Nidhi if she wants to remain like this for the rest of the day or is going to stand up, he leaves angrily when she wonders when is he going to fall for her. The wife of Garesh comes out wondering what is going on since she has lost her mind while thinking about it

Shanaya asks Daljeet what is going on, when Daljeet says she should have fallen in the arms of the right person since Rajveer is not her choice but she must be worried of Shaurya, Daljeet explains that she should only be worried of Shaurya since he is wealthy, Shanaya explains that Shaurya is a wealthy person who is only interested in wealthy people and wants to take whatever Rajveer likes, Daljeet asks Shanaya to not tease Shaurya so much that he leaves her, but Shanaya asks Daljeet to calm down since her plan is working, Daljeet explains that she came here to tell Shanaya that she saw this entire house and really felt vowed by it, she thinks she would also stay with Shanaya in this same house and has even seen the room that she likes which is of Nidhi, Shanaya agrees explaining she will surely keep Daljeet in the same room, the wife of Garesh asks them both to come since the pooja is about to start when Daljeet asks her to leave as they are going to come.

Shristhi and Preeta reach the Luthra Mansion when Shristhi remembers how Shambu explained that Nidhi ordered him to harm Preeta so this is why she came here, Preeta explains she will surely meet Nidhi today and ask her why is she going after her children meaning Rajveer and Kavya, Shristhi asks what does Preeta mean by her daughter kavya when Preeta replies she felt that Kavya is also like her own daughter and ever since she told her how Kavya was slapped by Nidhi in the courtroom then she felt bad for her.

Preeta walks ahead when Shristhi explains that they both should return and come back tomorrow since there is a celebration for the festival, but Preeta replies that they have come now so she is surely going to leave after meeting Nidhi, Shristhi explains they do not even have the invite so would be caught by the security, Preeta asks since when is she so scared of the outcome, Shristhi replies she has to be scared as they are wealthy people who have a lot of resources and they might be trapped, Preeta asks Shristhi to tell her of any idea as she would surely go inside, Shristhi sees the dancers walking inside so explains they can go with the dancers, Shristhi and Preeta enter the Luthra Mansion following the dancers.

Nidhi is just staring at Karan in the party, thinking he should not look at her like a simple women but the status and reputation of a wife because of whom the entire house runs, she thinks he should have understood it by now but has not decided it because she feels he might be thinking she is very strong and can take care of everything however thinks she is still a women who needs his life, she wonders what should she do that he feels she also needs a protector and savior, she decides to fall down once again as then he would save her and protect her, Karan tries to leave but Nidhi stops him from leaving, she falls down when Karan turns to help her but she is helped by the wife of Garesh who asks her to take care of herself while walking since this is a big house which does not have any holes in it, so she should never fall. She leaves when Karan also leaves telling Nidhi how she knows what the wife of Garesh just said, he leaves to meet Mr Badra.

Nidhi angrily pulls the wife of Garesh aside when she asks if Nidhi desires anything, Nidhi advises her to not try and help her if she falls again as she should act like a servant, Nidhi leaves.

Sandy asks Shaurya if he is telling the truth and makes him remember how he should not actually fall for Shanaya, Shaurya says he should not have to make him remember that he has a class and standard and would not fall for anyone so easily, Sandy replies he has seen Shaurya looking at Palki when Shaurya tries to walk away, Nidhi stops him explaining she has to talk of something important but gets a call so leaves.

Rakhi asks the pandit jee when is the time for the pooja when Pandit jee tells it is after half an hour, Rakhi says that she would come with the entire family for the pooja. Rakhi goes to Mahesh asking what is he doing when he replies he is doing some work of the office, Karina comes questioning why have the dancers not arrived, he decides to call them.

Bani Dadi informs that she is very sleepy right now and the auspicious time of the pooja would be after some while but she wants that they all should make some fun and enjoy, the dancers enter the house so Rishab informs that now she would not be sleepy at all since the dancers have come.

Rakhi explains that they want to celebrate the festival but now want to be so submerged in the celebration that they can not forget anything, Shristhi gets a bit worried when Preeta asks her what should they do now, Shristhi explains they should dance and only need to copy the steps of the dancers, the dancers start their performance after taking the blessings. Preeta and Shristhi are also dancing Palki and Kavya also join the dance performance meanwhile everyone else is enjoying, Preeta starts smiling seeing Kavya dancing when both Palki and Kavya perform really well.

Shristhi gets emotional seeing Kavya after so long when Varun also gets excited. really the entire family also joins them both on the dance floor, Preeta falls on karan who catches her, he once again gets the strange feeling remembering how it was the same feeling he got when he met Preeta the last time and in the fire that erupted in their out house, Karan recognizes her eyes from the dupatta and keeps staring at her, Shristhi lifts her veil when she is shocked to see that Karan has caught Preeta who was about to fall, she is really stunned.


Update Credit to: Sona

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