Barsatein : Nok – Jhok, Cake Fight & DANGER!

Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka, produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor under their banner Balaji Telefilms, is set to deliver some captivating drama. In the plot, Reyansh and Aradhana engage in adorable banter. While dancing together, Reyansh reveals that he possesses something that can expose Jindal. Curiosity piqued, Aradhana persistently questions Reyansh about it, but he imposes a condition – she must first smile.An upset Reyansh finds solace in a cafĂ© where Aradhana happens to work. He brings a cake with him, catching Aradhana’s attention and prompting her to inquire about it. Their conversation escalates into a fight when Aradhana decides to take the cake for herself. In the heat of the moment, Reyansh accidentally smears cake on her face. Angrily, Aradhana retaliates by applying cake to Reyansh’s face, commencing their playful cake fight.

Aradhana assists Kimaya in eloping with Angad. However, when the family grows concerned about Kimaya’s disappearance, Aradhana tries to contact her. Learning of this, Reyansh becomes furious with Aradhana. The two embark on a mission to find Kimaya.

In the upcoming episode, Angad attempts to harm Kimaya, but Aradhana and Reyansh arrive just in time to rescue her. Desperate to achieve his sinister goals, Angad takes Aradhana hostage, holding a gun against her head when she intervenes. This unexpected and shocking twist leaves Reyansh deeply concerned.

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