Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshu & Abhi’s Simmering Feelings Intensify !

The Episode starts with Abhir and Manish having a funny talk. Manish says nothing happens without Kanha ji’s wish. Abhir says yes, show me your palace, Nanu. Suwarna says it’s a house, not a palace. Manish says its your house. Suwarna says its Akshu, Abhinav and your house. Abhir asks then why do we stay like that, Akshu has few sarees, dad’s socks are torn, mum makes jam all day. Akshu says get quiet, you talk all day. He says you are a princess, why does a prince make jam. She says I m that princess who can make 50 kgs jam, one who does hardwork is princess, you are my star and your dad’s prince.

They talk to Abhir and laugh. Abhir asks Manish to show the house. Abhinav says you would need a guide to show the house. Manish laughs and asks him to come. Abhir picks a tea pot and says its so shimmery. Abhinav asks him to keep it back. Dadi hugs Akshu and says you are a good mum. Ruhi says I want to have a party, what shall I do. Abhi comes and corrects her. She says you will become Papa now, no one can stop me from calling Manish and Suwarna, please make a video call, I want to talk about Dadi’s birthday.

Abhi says its late, sleep now. She says not fair, no sleeping, call please. He says okay. Akshu tells the stories. They all laugh. Abhi calls Suwarna. She asks what’s the matter. He says you call Ruhi after you get free. Aarohi looks on. Abhi says I don’t know. Ruhi says we have to make a project, poppy stand there, I want to click a pic. She clicks their pic.

Akshu comes to her room and cries seeing it. She hugs the cushion. She sees her guitar and steps back. Abhinav says Abhir has seen the entire house, he fell asleep. Akshu says even I m feeling sleepy. He says but you don’t want to sleep right, your room is too big. He puts Abhir on the bed. She says I will sleep in Dadi’s room, you sleep with Abhir. He says I didn’t mean that. She says I will sleep there, don’t worry. She goes to change. They have a talk.

He says Kairav didn’t come. She says he would have come if he wanted. He says you are raised in such a big house but you adjust in our small house well, how. She says our house doesn’t have anything less, we care and respect each other. He says I respect you even more now. She says if you respect more, then I will get under that burden. He asks are you okay, after coming back. She says I don’t want to think anything. He jokes. She laughs. He says good night. They lie to sleep.

Manjiri and Aarohi are worried. Kairav gets Suwarna’s message. She asks him to come home. Manish takes care of Dadi. He massages her legs and jokes. Suwarna says we will make daal baati for Abhinav and Akshu. Dadi says Akshu likes jaggery Churma. Suwarna says Aarohi also likes it. He asks how will they react when they meet on the birthday. Dadi says we will see that time, we got our Akshu. he says right. Akshu gets Abhi’s dream. She wakes up and sees Abhinav.

Abhi leaves from his home. He thinks of Akshu. She stands at the window. He comes to Goenka house. Abhir coughs. She goes to him. Abhi feels his heartbeat. He looks at the house. He leaves. Akshu comes at the window again. Its morning, Abhir and Abhinav try to find the way. Abhinav says Akshu didn’t wake us today. Abhir says we will have bath in the bathtub. Abhinav says okay, but don’t break anything. Abhir says I won’t. Suwarna asks them to come, Akshu is outside, everyone is waiting. They go out.

They see the breakfast. Abhinav asks where are the other 25-30 people for whom this food is made. Manish and Dadi ask him to sit. Abhir names the dishes. Abhinav signs Muskaan. Manish says I have made this for you. Abhinav asks what was the need. Dadi says we have made it for you. They ask where is Akshu. Muskaan asks Abhinav not to say Akshara ji. He says you have changed your side soon.

Manish says yes, she is our daughter now. Dadi says look there, Akshu. They see Akshu with a bike. Abhinav asks can you ride this bike. Abhir asks really. Akshu says I can fly it, who wants to come with me. Abhir sneezes. Manish says I will take him later. Abhir says bye, you can go. Abhinav says let Akshu drive alone. Manish says you go, Akshu, there is no one in your team. She leaves. She recalls Abhi. Abhi is on the way. They both get peacock feathers. They think of each other. He comes there on the same road.

Akshu answers a call. Manjiri disconnects. Mahima says Akshu will be there with her family. Manjiri says we won’t go there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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