Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudra & Preesha Struggle to Make a Living !

Pihu asks Armaan if he wants to take revenge, he should from Rudra and Preesha and not involve kids and mother in it. Armaan says Rudra’s strength is his family, he will destroy Rudra and make him fall on his feet. He warns Pakhi to obey her orders and not interfere in his issues. Pihu warns him back to dare not try to dominate her and rule on her, she will do whatever is right.

Armaan warns to destroy her. Digvijay interferes and asks them to stop fight as they are sibling and should fight against Rudra and Preesha instead. Armaan warns to eliminate Pihu and anyone who interferes in his life. Pihu walks away saying he is hopeless and disgusting. Digvijay fears Armaan’s next move.

Rudra feels sad and describes in front of Preesha how he was rejected by the people who used to roam around him. Preesha cheers him up and asks where did he get a job now. He says in a bar. She decides to visit his work place tonight to cheer him up. In the evening, Preesha visits bar to cheer up Rudra while he is singing. Rudra feels happy seeing her and sings his one-time wonder romantic song. Customers don’t like his song. Manager asks him to sing a dance number. Rudra says he doesn’t sing dance number. Manager asks him to get out if he can’t sing and find job somewhere else.

Rudra agrees to sing. Manager says dance number won’t look good with a dancer and asks Rudra to ask his female friend to dance. Rudra says she is his wife and warns him not to involve his wife in it. Manager says his wife will get double payment. Rudra angrily holds manager’s collar and shouts how dare he is to speak ill about his wife. Manager says he acted on his manager’s order. Rudra asks how is his boss.

Armaan walks to him and says he is the boss, he was keeping an eye on Rudra since he left the house and bought this bar once Rudra got a job there. He says Rudra fed his family with his money, soon Rudra will be on his feet. Rudra says he will never bend in front of an evil and says the money he earned yesterday was his hard work. Preesha asks Armaan to keep his money to himself.

Armaan challenges Rudra to never let him get a job and says nobody gave him job on his order. He says he can buy anything with money. Rudra holds Preesha’s hand and say he can’t buy love with his money. He asks manager to throw today’s earned money on Armaan’s face and walks away. Armaan determines not to spare Rudra easily. Rudra and Preesha return home sadly. Roohi gets happy seeing them and asks if they brought food. They both stand silent. Pihu enters with food and serves kids. Armaan stops kids and tells Pihu that he can’t accept her food as she got it from Armaan’s money and Armaan insulted him today that he is feeding us. Pihu says she will not test their self-respect and hopes their situation improves. She takes food back.


Rudra apologizes children for keeping them hungry. Saransh says they had food at a party nearby. Roohi asks which one, then says even she is full. Rudra emotionally hugs them and says he is lucky that god gave such kids to him.

Precap: Roohi picks cake from trash at school and eats it. Principal tells Rudra that his children can’t study there. Preesha joins a hospital as a doctor and gives wrong medicine to a patient. Roohi and Saransh notice Vidyuth alive and kidnapped by someone.

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