Katha Ankahee : Ehshaan & Viaan Fight Over Katha !

Sony Entertainment Television’s latest fiction offering Kathaa Ankahee is churning out the interesting drama in the upcoming episodes. According to the storyline, Kathaa agrees to come on board for the project. Viaan soon organizes a meeting and reveals the project. However, he prepones the deadlines to keep Kathaa close and understand her better, while Kathaa accepts it as a challenge, as she thinks Viaan is just doing this out of spite.

Later, Eshan is seen having issues with Viaan’s excessive pressure on Kathaa. When Viaan asks Eshan about having feelings for Kathaa, he agrees to the same. On the other hand, Kathaa is seen completing her work while also ensuring she is spending enough time with Aarav in the hospital.

Now, in the coming episode, Kathaa gets stuck at the office dinner party and gets worried as everyone is celebrating Aarav’s recovery at the hospital. On the other hand, Eshan asks Kathaa to be ready for some work in Rajasthan. However, Viaan interrupts him and informs him that Kathaa has to come with him to Dubai.

With whom Kathaa will go?

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