Katha Ankahee : Katha & Viaan’s Romantic Getaway !

Sony Entertainment Television’s Kathaa Ankahee is set to captivate its loyal viewers with an intriguing plot twist. In the upcoming episode, Maaya takes it upon herself to uncover the secrets of Kathaa’s past and confronts her about the incident involving Viaan’s attempt to terminate her from EarthCon. Kathaa, however, confesses that she had actually contemplated leaving the company during that time.Driven by curiosity, Maaya bombards Kathaa with a series of questions, leaving her at a loss for words.

Later, Maaya reveals to Ehsan that Viaan had given a substantial amount of money to Kathaa without informing him. Ehsan investigates the matter and confronts Viaan, but the latter skillfully handles the situation. In the next episode, Kathaa and Viaan visit a Dargah to fulfill Aarav’s wish. Unfortunately, on their way back, they encounter an unexpected hurdle and decide to seek shelter in a hotel. It is during their stay that Kathaa and Viaan’s bond strengthens, leading to intimate and romantic moments before their impending marriage.

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