Shiv Shakti 26th February 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode commences with Parvati instructing Shiv not to tail her. As she stumbles, Shiv catches her and carries her away, considering it his duty as her husband to safeguard her.

Narad expresses his distress to Narayan about Parvati forgetting Shiv, despite her Tap Tyaag Tandav to marry him. He fears the universe will suffer due to this. Goddess Lakshmi questions Narayan about the future, given their inability to intervene. Narad believes that only Shiv can salvage the universe, while Goddess Saraswati points out that the Asuras have ensured Shiv’s preoccupation with Parvati to establish their reign over the universe.

Shyamala observes Shiv carrying Parvati and Rambh informs her about Parvati’s memory loss. He questions their need to worry about Parvati, asserting that their son will rule the universe.

Upon reaching Kailash, Parvati questions Shiv’s actions and demands to be released. Kartikeya is puzzled by this and seeks an explanation from Shiv. Nandi inquires about Parvati’s well-being, which further confuses her.

The Devas and Goddesses arrive. Kartikeya questions Parvati’s unfamiliar behavior, as if it’s her first visit to Kailash. Parvati appreciates his affectionate address and denies being his mother. This bewilders Kartikeya, who insists that she is his mother and that fact won’t change. Parvati expresses her confusion about everyone claiming to be related to her and declares her unwillingness to stay.

Shiv assures Parvati that Kailash is a safe haven for her. Despite her protest, he instructs her to remain seated until his return. As she complies, Kartikeya notices her discomfort due to the cold and heads inside.

Shiv orders Nandi to fetch the memory-restoring medicine. Nandi recalls Shiv’s previous request for the same. Nandi questions Shiv’s allowance of this situation, to which Shiv responds that he cannot alter destiny. Despite his omniscience, he feels helpless. Nandi departs, leaving Shiv determined to protect Parvati this time.

Kartikeya provides Parvati with a blanket for warmth. Parvati commends his kindness and inquires if he knows her. He questions how she could forget her son, which brings him to tears. Despite claiming no relation to him, Parvati feels moved by his sorrow.

Shiv declares that Apasmara will face punishment, vowing to be the one to deliver it.

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