BhagyaLakshmi 26th February 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode unfolds with Rishi’s friend, a trustee of the school, having a meeting with the Principal. The trustee inquires about Rishi’s arrival, to which the Principal responds that Rishi is on his way to meet the initiator of the school exchange program. The trustee expresses his interest in meeting Lakshmi, and the Principal obliges by introducing him to her.

Meanwhile, Anushka steps into Neelam’s room and notices her untouched juice. She questions Neelam’s gloomy demeanor since their return from the Gurudwara, but Neelam remains silent. Concerned, Anushka shares Neelam’s condition with Karishma and Ayush’s father, prompting Karishma to have a chat with Neelam.

The trustee commends Lakshmi’s school exchange program and queries about her plans to extend it to other schools. Lakshmi eagerly shares her concept.

Karishma seeks to understand Neelam’s distress. Neelam reveals to Karishma about Paro’s disrespectful behavior at the Gurudwara and vows to retaliate against Paro and her mother. Paro, on the other hand, shares with the kids how she taught Neelam a lesson in manners at the Gurudwara, earning their approval. Paro and her classmates request a teacher to organize a Gurudwara visit on Sunday, to which the teacher agrees, pending a discussion with the Principal.

Rishi informs Neelam about Lakshmi’s impending visit to their house to collect Rohan’s bag. Neelam realizes that Paro is Lakshmi’s daughter and assures Karishma that she will teach Paro’s mother a lesson.

En route, Lakshmi spots a hotel that triggers memories of Rishi. She decides to put thoughts of Rishi aside and proceeds to retrieve Rohan’s bag.

Rishi arrives at the school and catches up with his friend. His friend admits to being smitten by Lakshmi and expresses his desire to marry her. Rishi reminds him of Lakshmi’s marital status and her daughter, but his friend remains undeterred and requests Rishi to gather more information about Lakshmi. Rishi consents.

Karishma supports Neelam’s decision to teach Parvati’s mother a lesson, which Dadi overhears and feels sympathy for Lakshmi.

Rishi meets Paro and they call Rohan. Rohan requests Rishi to look after his sister, to which Rishi agrees. Paro and her friends persuade Rishi to join them for Golgappas.

Neelam is determined to identify Parvati and her mother to teach them a lesson.

Rishi watches Parvati enjoying Golgappas and is reminded of Lakshmi. When Parvati asks Rishi about his distraction, he denies it. Parvati observes that he seems lost in thought, much like her mother. She offers to show Rishi a picture of her mother, and Rishi expresses interest.

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