Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudra’s Block Buster Rock Concert !

Arman with Preesha returns to hotel room after song rehearsal and is shocked to see water all over the floor. They check the reason and find water leaking from bathroom pipe. They then complain receptionist and tongue lash her. Receptionist apologizes and says pipe will be fixed today, but water cannot be cleared due to lack of staff. They insists for another room, but she says all rooms are booked.

Sania watching the drama asks Arman if he did this. He remembers bribing hotel staff to break water pipe and booking vacant rooms and says he can even buy whole hotel to keep Rudra and Preesha away from each other. He walks to them and asks what are they doing here instead of resting. Rudra informs that his hotel room is water logged and he will ask Ahuja to book another hotel room. Arman suggests that he has 2 rooms in his suite and they all 4 can stay in his suite. Rudra hesitates, but Preesha convinces him citing his concert venue being near to hotel.

Next day, Rudra nervously waits in green room before his concert remembering recent events. Preesha cheers him up and says he should cheer up as they are together. He says they are not since they are married. She continues cheering him up. Ahuja enters ands says his fan are getting crazy for him. Preesha hugs and wishes him good luck. Arman and Sania enter. Rudra asks why did they come uninformed. Sania says they couldn’t resist themselves and came to watch his concert. Arman says they bought tickets and thinks he has spoilt Rudra’s comeback. Rudra goes on stage and gives credit of his comeback to his family and fans. He then sings Sajna Ve Tenu Ankiyowon Dekhliya. . song. Arman and Sania walk away. Fans chant Rudra’s name once he completes song.

Backstage, Ahuja praises Rudra’s singing and fans getting mad. Arman says Rudra will not sing next song. Ahuja says he will incur losses. Arman asks to do as he says and orders him to bring a juice for him. He then mixes red powder to spoil Rudra’s voice. Ahuja gets tensed and says he will incur losses worth crores. Arman says he doesn’t care and warns him to do as he says.

Ahuja gives juice to Rudra and asks him to finish it. Host announces Rudra’s next song. Rudra leaves juice and walks away while Ahuja continues insisting him to finish juice. He goes on stage and dedicating his next song to his broher Rajiv sings Har Kisiko Nahi Milta Yahan Pyar Zindagi Me.. song. Sania asks Arman if Rudra didn’t drink power mixed juice yet. Arman goes to check and threatens Ahuja to feed juice to Rudra or else he will ruin him.

Back in green room, Rudra asks Preesha to be with him during his last song. She agrees. Ahuja enters and insists him to have juice now at least. Rudra finishes juice and walks on stage with Preesha. He expresses his love for Preesha and dedicates a new song for her. Fan excitedly wait. He tries to sing but fails. Arman and Sania walk away smirking. Fans insist Rudra to speak. Rudra signals he cannot speak. Fan get restless. Ahuja asks Arman why did he mix power in Rudra’s juice. Arman asks him not to think about loss and just watch the drama. Preesha takes Rudra to green room, gives him water, and noticing red powder in juice realizes someone mixed it to spoil Rudra’s voice. She orders an antidote injection and injects him.

Arman asks Ahuja to inform fans that rockstar cannot sing and has failed. He then goes to Rudra’s room to watch the drama but finds him missing. Ahuja goes on stage and announces that concert is canceled as Rudra cannot sing now. Rudra walks on stage and says he will sing. Fans go mad seeing him back. Arman is shocked to see his plan failing.

Rudra thanks god and Preesha for help and sings his signature song Will You Marry Me.. Fans clap once he finishes song while Arman burns in jealousy. Back in green room, Rudra hugs Preesha and thanks her for reviving his voice, says she is his life and he is nothing without her. Ahuja walks in. Rudra remembers him giving juice and holds his collar. Ahuja says he didn’t do anything.

Preesha says Mr Ahuja worked hard for this concert and is not at fault. Ahuja says he dedicated his whole life to music industry and build a good reputation. Preesha says whatever happened is not right and asks him to find out who is behind thsi. Arman with Sania enters praising Rudra’s singing. Rudra thinks if Arman is behind this heinous act. Arman says he will throw a party tonight to celebrate Rudra’s return. Preesha denies, but Rudra agrees thinking to find out what is in Arman’s mind.

During party, Rudra romances Preesha on dance floor and dances with her. Arman thinks let him dance, but he will be ruined soon. Sania taunts him. He says his next plan will not fail and asks her to take Preesha out somehow. Rudra asks Preesha if they can make tonight special. She reminds their room is flooded with water. he says he scolded manager and got the room cleaned. She gets happy. Sania walks to them holding champagne glass and acting as slipping drops champagne on Preesha.

Precap: Sania takes Preesha to a room to change her dress. Rudra blames Arman for all the issues happened.

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