Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Mr Verma it is better for her to know the truth now rather then to live lie all her life, Dev explains there is way to talk about such matters, they should have come to him first, Mr Verma asks if he is trying to imply that they need his permission, Dev replies they both are his elders but they should recall how at the time when they took the custody of Aayush, no such demands were made that they will take away Soha, and must also be glad that he did not file any criminal charges against them for switching the children in Kolkata, as he still has the statement of the nurse, thye should not force him to do something which they will regret, Misses Verma explains that the children were switched by their son but they don’t have any relation to it, Ishwari asks them both to clam down as they are the elders and can talk about it, Misses Verma replies that they have gotten old and cannot live without their Granddaughter, Dev explains they are themselves in financial problem so how would they be able to take care of Soha, Mr Verma explains they now have Sanjana who will not only take care of Soha but also themselves, Dev in shock asks if they are doing this all after listening to Sanjana, even Neha tries to explain that she is just telling a lie, however they both do not listen to her.

Sonakshi sitting outside the door requests Soha to open the door as she wants to talk to her, Soha however is also crying sitting in the room, Aayush comes to Sonakshi, she asks her to see how Soha is not listening to her, Aayush explains he has a way and then brings a notepad saying that whenever he gets in a fight with Soha, they talk by writing on the papers, so he advises her to write and throw it under the door, Soha starts reading the papers, she finally calms down, recalling how she loved to spend time with her mother, they both would enjoy a lot and she even teased her, Sonakshi requests Soha to at least listen to her, she hears the lock opening so stands up, as soon as Soha opens the door, Sonakshi immediately hugs her asking if she is fine as she fell while running, Soha questions what have the Grandparents of Aayush said to her, Sonakshi asks if she recalls the story which she told of Bal Gopal, so what if she is not her birth mother, she is the one who raised her so Soha would always remain her daughter and love, Dev also assures that she will always remain their princess and the favourite of the house, Sonakshi even hugs Aayush, who is also terrified by the entire situation.

Ishwari pleads in front of Misses Verma to not take Soha away from them, she assures they can come to meet her any time just as they can meet Veid, Misses Verma replies does she not know how when they would come to meet Veid, she never liked it and was also irritated when they brought the home cooked food, Ishwari recalls when Misses Verma explains she has a big family and even then is not ready to send Soha away but they have lost their Son and Daughter in law so who is wrong here, Ishwari explains they are getting old so do not have much time left but her son and Daughter in law would take care of her, the lawyer from behind exclaims that the law is saying something else, Sanjana comes with the lawyer, asking the Verma’s if they are not letting Soha come with them when Sanjana exclaims there is no need to worry since now the lawyer will surely help them, Soha comes down with Aayush, Misses Verma immediately goes to hug her explaining how she knows Soha would be really tensed but everything would be sorted, Sanjana explains their introduction was not done properly the last time but she is her aunt, Misses Verma asks if she doesnot want to know about her real parents, Aayush replies he will himself tell her about her parents so she can now leave, Sanjana explains she wants to talk with Sonakshi, Dev also tries to come but Sanjana stops saying she wants to talk with Sonakshi in private.

Sonakshi enters the room with Sanjana, questioning why did she want to talk here as they could have gone someplace else, Sanjana questions why should they go to any other place when this is the comfort zone of Sonakshi, she starts picking the perfume which irritates Sonakshi who warns Sanjana to come straight to her point, Sanjana replies that she is the only one who make sure Sonakshi retains the custody of Sanjana, she will make sure that the Verma’s take back their case and she will also end the case but there is something which Sonakshi must do first, Sonakshi immediately asks how much money does she want, as she will transfer it now after which Sanjana can go away from their lives, Sanjana replies that she cannot take money for the relations, but instead requires someone, explaining Sonakshi can have the custody but needs to divorce Dev, Sonakshi questions what the hell is this, Sanjana exclaims she needs to choose between Dev sir and Sohana, and if she signs the papers then Sohana would be hers and she will get Dev sir, Sonakshi tries to respond, when Sanjana stops saying she should not say anything as she has already thought about it, because both Dev sir and herself were trying to ruin the plan, Sonakshi asks how did Sanjana even think she would sign these papers because Sanjana should see this place and time and remember how Sonakshi has given her the last chance, Sanjana replies that she was being generous but now Sonakshi is the one who has the time, Sonakshi explains Sanjana should watch this, and she would not even have to wait, Sonakshi tears the divorce papers, Sanjana explains Sonakshi would now see what she can do.

Sonakshi and Sanjana walk downstairs when Sanjana explains to the Verma’s that Sonakshi has no regard for their feelings, Sonakshi tries to request them to not listen to anything that Sanjana is saying as she is a liar however Misses Verma replies that it is them who are not worthy of being trusted as they had already tried to work with their plan but were not able to achieve anything, they have come to take Soha and would not leave without her, Mr Verma exclaims she is the last memory which they have of their son, Dev in anger explains that Soha has only one identity and it is that she is the daughter of Dev and Sonakshi, he would not let anyone ruin the relation of his family, anyone who tries to take Soha away from them would have to bear the consequence, he will not even pay any heed to their age, Mr Verma gets worried.

Precap: the lawyers are arguing when the lawyer representing Sanjana explains that Sonakshi and Dev have no right over Soha as she is not their real daughter however the defence lawyer explains he has a witness who will prove that Sanjana is mentally unstable, Sanjana is shocked to see the person walking into the court.

Update Credit to: Sona

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