Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Dev rushing to the family members says how he is thinking that he should come back from the office as there is a NOC and it can make sure all of the case gets void, Ishwari asks him to go immediately, Dev is about to leave when Vicky also desires to go with him, Ishwari offers some food to Radha however she insists on not having anything to eat, Ishwari then asks Vicky to have something to eat because if he starts eating then Radha would also take something, Vicky is about to eat it when there is someone at the door, Neha goes to open it, she is shocked to hear that the police is asking for Vikram Tripathi

The entire family is stunned, and they stand up, Radha immediately turns to Dev calling him, the inspector informs Vicky should come with them as he is under arrest, Dev informs they have applied for the anticipatory bail, the inspector exclaims if he doesnot have the papers then they have to arrest Vicky. Radha exclaims her son is innocent so she will not let them take him, Ishwari also explains that Vicky is innocent and has not done anything wrong, but the inspector explains that he has the orders so they have no other choice, Radha once again asks Dev to do something, Dev assures Vicky that he will talk with the commissioner and get him released, Radha in a state of emotion asks the police to also arrest her as she is the mother of Vicky, the police manage to take Vicky away, Radha while crying sits on the ground.

Sonakshi tries to help her but she pushes Sonakshi away, Radha standing questions asks Ishwari what happened when she exclaimed Dev is the Ram of the family, he can do anything but why was he then not able to save Vicky, Radha questions Dev when the company belongs to him then why did he ask Vicky to sign the papers, he himself is saved while her son got arrested, Dev tries to explain that he will help Vicky when Radha stops him saying she no longer trusts him, Sonakshi asks Alena to convince Radha but she asks what should she say to her.

Dev is standing when Alena leaves with Radha, Dev sees Sonakshi so goes to sit with Ishwari mentioning that he has failed, Dev exclaims that he hurt the feelings of one mother while now broke the heart of the other, Dev is not able to bear that Vicky got arrested, he exclaims how they have been defeated but Ishwari convinces him to not think like this since the fight has not ended as of yet and he can help Vicky, the lawyer enters the house mentioning the meeting with the magistrate has been preponed to two o clock since today is Friday so they might not be able to get the bail in the coming two days, Dev standing immediately goes with the lawyer.

Sonakshi while driving the car calls Jitin, she tries to ask him about his friend whose father is a senior lawyer, she asks if he was in the high court, Jitin explains he is a lawyer in the supreme court, Sonakshi immediate asks for his number, she thanks Jitin for taking care of everything at the office in her absence, Jitin assures her there is nothing to be worried about as he will manage the entire office.

Ishwari is sitting, Neha comes explaining how Shuv has finally slept after a lot of difficulty, Neha then plans to go to the school and bring Aayush, Soha, they both come running calling Dadi, Ishwari is stunned to see them, after greeting them both she questions how did the comeback, Sanjana walking from behind exclaims she brought them, Sanjana mentions how she saw at the calendar of Dev that today was his turn but since he is busy arranging the bail for Vicky, so she herself brought them, Aayush and Soha both rush to play the games.

Sanjana standing receives the call and in a state of tension exclaims where would she go now, after she ends the call Neha asks what happened, Sanjana exclaims that she has been asked to empty her apartment because the society has revised the rules and she is single so should not stay there, she exclaims that she will herself manage and then turns but Neha stops her, she asks Ishwari why should they not help Sanjana, Ishwari is confused when Sonakshi comes from behind, Sanjana wonders why did she have to come so soon, Soha and Aayush both go to greet her, Sonakshi asks why did they not wait for her since she got really tensed, and she informed them they should not go with any stranger, Soha exclaims that Sanjana is not an outsider but their friend and she even gave the treat of ice cream to them, Sonakshi gets tensed when Soha sneezes, she sends them both to change their clothes, Ishwari also leaves with Neha.

Sonakshi turning to Sanjana questions why she picked the children from school as she doesnot have any right, Sanjana mentions she was just trying to help and everyone has the right, but Sonakshi in anger explains that she was only allowed to stay in the company because of her relation with Soha but she must not cross her limits as she can only meet her in the presence of either Dev or Sonakshi herself, Sonakshi Snatches her mobile which frustrates Sanjana who questions what is their behaviour, Sonakshi then exclaims she is helping her and there is a contact of the hostel, if she has any problem then can call her, not Dev, she even asks Sanjana to close the door so that no stranger comes walking straight into the house.

Sanjana is working when there is someone at the door, she peaks to see Rena standing, she mentions that she urgently needs to attend the bathroom, Sanjana is forced to open the door, Rena rushes straight to the bathroom, Sanjana then receives a call from Dev who asks where is the file of NOC, Sanjana mentions it would be in his office as it is where Sukhi jee placed it, Rena finds a photo of Sonakshi which is marked with red cross, Rena gets tensed so secretly sees the map after she removes the curtain, Rena realizes how Sanjana vowed to snatch the family from Sonakshi, Rena then puts back the photo, she insists on leaving even when Sanjana offers to make tea for her.

Radha holding the photo of Vicky, exclaims she is really tensed and is worried if he would have even eaten anything, Alena brings some food and requests Radha to have something to eat, Sonakshi and Ishwari come to the house, Sonakshi tries to hold the hand of Alena but she pushes her away, Ishwari sitting exclaims Dev is doing all he can to save Vicky and even met with Vicky who asked him to inform the family that he is alright, Radha mentions that her son is locked in jail, Ishwari exclaims Vicky is the member of the family, she has brought the Parshad from the Mandir and even is going to hold a pooja in the house tomorrow, she will keep the Varth and pray for the safe return of Vicky, Radha should also come with Alena, Ishwari is able to calm Radha who agrees to come.

Dev enters the office, Sukhi asks him how if Vicky and even exclaims there is some guest who desires to meet him, Dev asks him to send the guest after five minutes, Rena enters the cabin of Dev explaining that she is the friend of Sanjana and has come to reveal a secret about her, Rena explains that she feels Sanjana is trying to target his family, she saw the haar on the photo of his father in law, she found out from his office staff that his father in law is indeed in the hospital, she feels Sanjana is really dangerous, she feels a hand on her shoulder and is shocked to see Sanjana staring at her with immense anger.

Precap: Sonakshi along with the entire family are in the pooja which is proceeding in their house. Dev entering the office asks what she wanted to talk with him, Rena explains she wanted to inform him, hearing this Sanjana gets really tensed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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