Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th October 2021 Written Episode Update

In the hospital Sonakshi is cleaning the hand of Bijoy, the nurse hands her an injection saying if they are able to give the injection to Bijoy in an hour then he would be fine otherwise if it gets late then they might not be able to save him, Sonakshi asks her to buy it from the pharmacy, the nurse explains that this injections is not available in their pharmacy as someone bought the five remaining injections, Sonakshi questions how can she leave her father alone but the nurse once again asks her to arrange it herself otherwise this would cause a lot of problem for the patient, she walks out of the room, Sanjana is standing right beside the room, she thinks of how she heard the doctor giving the instructions to the nurse so she herself bought all of the injections.

Sonakshi in the room, she tries calling De but there is no network so she asks Bijoy to not be worried because she has to go for some time but she will be back really soon, Sonakshi leaves the room, Sanjana immediately walks inside, she goes straight to Bijoy asking if he is really strong, she exclaims they will check it, Sanjana is about to harm him when she hears the voice of Saurabh calling for Sona, Saurabh opens the door along with Ronita coming straight to Bijoy, they both apologize to Bijoy saying that they were not present, Sonakshi also comes so Saurabh says it is his mistake as he should not have left Baba alone, Sonakshi however says that it is nothing to be worried about because they have to leave for their work once in a while, Ronita exclaims they would have come back early but Mishti got ill, she has now left her at her friend’s house.

Sonakshi goes to Bijoy, she questions why is he sweating so much, Saurabh exclaims he would open the fan, he is shocked to see someone standing behind the curtain, Sonakshi questions what happened, she turns to open the curtain worrying there is someone in the room, she is however relieved to see the coat of the doctor, Sanjana is hiding under the bed, she pulls out the injections smiling.

Sonakshi says to Saurabh that they have to give Baba the injection in one hour, the nurse comes mentioning how they have got the injection so now Baba will be fine, Sonakshi exclaims this is what she was trying to say that Dev arranged the injection, Ronita explains they have to back to Mishti, but Saurabh would come back to Baba after dropping her, Saurabh is adamant to stay with baa but leaves when Sonakshi assures she will stay with baba.

Dev calls Sonakshi exclaiming Soha has gone to sleep while both Aayush and Shuv are still awake, Sonakshi asks if Shuv was hurting his stomach, Shuv replies it is now fine, Aayush asks how Dadu is, Sonakshi explains that he will be fine when the doctor gives him the medicine so will even come back. She asks them both to go and sleep now, she even advises them to not cause any problem to Neha and Ishwari, Aayush demands to see Bijoy, Sonakshi is relieved to see that he is waking up, she immediately ends the call rushing out to call the doctors.

Sanjana rushes out of the hiding, she takes off the oxygen mask of Bijoy, running out of the room, Sonakshi comes with the doctors who are shocked to see that his oxygen mask is slipped off, he immediately starts checking Bijoy meanwhile Sonakshi is weeping, questioning what happened, the doctor explains that Bijoy has slipped into Coma.

Sonakshi is not able to bear it and starts crying, Dev enters the room when the doctors apologize informing that Bijoy has gone into Coma, Sonakshi leans against Dev, she explains she just left for two minutes so will not leave his side and stay with him, Dev is also really worried when Sonakshi exclaims she cannot lose her father, Sanjana mentioning Coma is not such a bad place because now she will have Dev for herself while Sonakshi is busy with her father, this is how she would be able to make her place in his life.

Dev in the morning advises the employees to work by themselves because he would not be able to come to work for sometime since his father in law is ill, Dev explains in his absence Vicky will take over, he asks them to make sure the deal with Mr Badra is completed as it is worth twenty five corers, he has worked really hard on it, they have to make sure he signs it, Dev also orders Sukhi jee to take the update about the Asha foundation school, Sanjana thinks she made such efforts so he can spent some time with her but he so causally said he will not come, she mentions he would have to come under any circumstance.

Dev walks down while Soha and Aayush are doing their school work, Shuv is making a drawing, Aayush exclaims he is really worried about Nano, Dev assures him that their Grandfather would be fine, they both must focus on their preparations since their exams are approaching, Dev receives a call from Sonakshi, she inquiries if they children are behaving while she is here, Soha exclaims she cannot understand the words of Hindi, so informs Sonakshi that even papa doesnot know them well, Dev informs she knows how he gets confused with them all, Sonakshi stops Aayush from placing the pencil in his mouth, she then asks Soha about the next word in her book, Dev exclaims he knows it but Sonakshi mentions he is wrong, she gives Soha a technique to remember it all, Sonakshi then advises Dev to remember to give Ishwari the medicine, Ishwari praises Sonakshi for also fulfilling the duties of a mother and a daughter even in so many problems. Ishwari asks her to not be worried since they can take care of everything, and she should also take care of her own health.

Vicky is with Mr Badra, he explains everything is in order so he can sign the papers, Mr Badra hands back the papers explaining he would not sign them without Dev, Vicky tries to inform him that everything is in order, but Mr Badra is adamant, Sanjana thinks how she convinced Mr Badra that it is his insult because Dev is not present. Vicky calls Dev informing him that Mr Badra is insisting Dev should be present, Dev talks with Mr Badra informing how he only chose him because of his family values, he remembers how he said he prefers to travel with his parents, just like him he also cares for his family, he can leave the deal but not his family, Dev informs Mr Badra that his father in law is in coma so he is in the hospital, Mr Badra mentions he did not know so signs the papers.

Precap: Dev is with Sonakshi in the hospital when he receives the call, Ishwari is with the family hearing the news regarding corruption in the Asha foundation scandal, the news channel reveals there might be a lot of arrests including of the main signatory Vikram Tripathi, Radha pleads with Dev to not let anything happen to Vicky, she exclaims the entire line of Asha is possessed, Sonakshi is really stunned hearing this news at the door.

Update Credit to: Sona

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