Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Dev questions where is he taking the discussion, he accepts there were problems in their relationship but there are problems in each and every relation and if they are delt with a good manner then it can be sorted, he and Sonakshi both have worked together to solve these problems otherwise they cannot be good parents or are not human beings, Sanjana says that when her children needed the most, Sonakshi packed her bags and left, Dev warns her to not talk rubbish about his wife as she only left for some time to take a stand for her son,. He wants to tell them the facts when the judge asks them to calm down and let the lawyers talk, the lawyer of Dev and Sonakshi says he has someone who can prove that Sanjana is dangerous for the children, he calls and Parth, asking him to reveal everything which he desires about Sanjana , Parth explains he was in a relationship with her but she got obsessed with him and so tried to create differences between him and his mother, she hacked his mobile and phone and when he tried to end the relationship, she got violent so he had to file a police case, Sanjana in anger questions then why is she not locked up, she informs them that they should not listen to her because he was the one who was obsessed and is trying to use this case for his own agenda, Parth however tries to explain this was not like this and he was trying to care for his family, Sanjana showing the messages mentions he tried to harm her, she then shows them to the judge who asks Parth if he send those messages, Parth explains that he was angry and send them, the judge replies this proves he had ulterior motives so his witness cannot be accepted and he can leave, the judge mentions that the time of the hearing has ended and today is Friday so the court would resume on Monday morning, it is better for them to find a solution outside the court, Sanjana warns Sonakshi that she has just one way and it is to sign the divorce papers bringing them to the marriage registrar on Monday morning where she would be the witness to the wedding of Dev and Sanjana otherwise she will take her Soha from Sonakshi.
Sonakshi sits down when Dev comes explaining they have to find another way because if they lose the case then everything would be ruined, Dev explains they have to find a way by proving Sanjana is unfit to take care of the children.

Dev and Sonakshi are playing with Soha who is setting the cards, Dev is not able to concentrate and drops the cards, Soha says he cannot even do a simple task so should let it be as he must first learn, Sonakshi starts smiling, Dev asks why is she smiling, she replies it is because he looks really nice ater being scolded by Soha, just then the cards fall over because of the wind, Sanjana enters the house with Mr and Misses Verma, she hands Dev the verdict of the court mentioning how they have won the case and she is going to take Soha away. Soha hides behind Sonakshi pleading that she doesnot want to leave however Sanjana pulls her away from the family even when she is weeping, Soha immediately wakes up on the bed exclaiming she doesnot want to leave this house, Sonakshi coming to sit beside her asks what happened, she replies she saw a bad dream that Sanjana was taking her away from this house, Dev also comes in a worry asking what happened, she requests them both to not let Sanjana take her away.

Dev and Sonakshi are both really tensed, Sonakshi is sitting on the sofa while Dev is constantly walking thinking about what should be done, Neha coming with two cups of coffee exclaims that even cars do not move after some distance if they do not fill them with petrol, so they should have come coffee, she replies how she has complete faith in them both, they managed to solve all of the problems before with each other’s help and will surely do it again, Sonakshi asks Dev what will they do because they have assured Soha that nothing wrong will happen but what will they do since there is no way, he asks her to calm down, Sonakshi mentions that whenever the door bell rings she has goss bumps thinking that they have come to take Soha away, Dev assures nothing would happen, the door bell rings and he goes to open it, Sonakshi sees with a tensed face but it is the delivery boy, he hands Dev a card, he is shocked to see that it is the invitation of his wedding with Sanjana, Dev leaves in anger when Sonakshi calls him from behind.

Dev goes to Sanjana, he questions what she is doing because she knows that nothing like this can ever happen because he is already married, Sanjana just explains that she has done the preparations by herself but not anymore as he would have to do his share, Dev in anger questions what is she saying because he told her it can never happen, she shows him all the dresses which she has bought and the Mangal Sutur along with a dress even for him, Dev however throws it asking why is she not understanding anything he is trying to say, Sanjana says so much anger means he is desperate, Dev turns to leave when she asks him to be at the office of the Marriage registrar at 9 am.

Soha is busy with her drawing, Aayush along with Shuv offer her the chips saying they are really tasty but she refuses, Gollu then tries to hand her a chocolate but she doesnot take it, then Gollu asks if she would complain about him to her mother since she told him to not give Shuv so much chocolates, however Soha replies she will not complain about anyone, Aayush exclaims he has also hid all of her dolls, Soha doesnot respond, the three of them then start tickling her to cheer her mood, she starts smiling.

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In the morning Dev is sitting with everyone when the lawyer informs how he should not have gone to the house of Sanjana alone, Dev replies he went there because things got over their head and he was not able to bear it, the lawyer still exclaims he should not have gone alone as who knows what other blame she might put them, Sonakshi asks what should they do now because today is Saturday noon and they have till Monday morning, Saurabh also asks the lawyer who reveals if they can prove that Sanjana is unfit to take care of the children then the case might go in their way, they all wonder what can they do when Sonakshi exclaims what is the name of that girl, she recalls her name is Rena, Jitin exclaims that he will try to contact her and find out what might help them, dev and Vicky also exclaims that they have to check all of the files which Sanjana handles in the office because she uses wrong ways to reach her goals so they can use any small detail to find the proof against Sanjana.

Sanjana opens the door when she is shocked to see Ishwari standing with Baldev, Ishwari exclaims she has come to meet the girl who once lived in her house like her daughter so she wants to request her to not try and ruin her family because the three children who live there cannot love without each other, Sanjana exclaims even she wants the same, she asks for some time coming back with the wedding dress, she explains that she has brought it so that after she gets married to Dev nothing wrong will happen, she will not have to use any means to meet her Niece, Ishwari is left stunned.

Baldev asks if he not told her it was useless to come and meet Sanjana since she is not a nice girl, he in anger warns her to end this drama that is ruining their family, Ishwari exclaims Sanjana is not worthy to be called a women as she just cares for her selfish desires without worrying what effect will it have on the rest of them, even a dog who is fed ends up taking care of the family feeding him, however she doesnot have any respect for them, she cannot even think of comparing herself to Sonakshi as she is that Diya which has died down while Sonakshi is like the sun. She warns Sanjana to wait and see as she will make sure Sanjana is never able to ruin her family.

Precap: The lawyer of Sanjana calls her informing that the father in law of Dev is in a coma but might wake up within a day or two, she rushes to the hospital thinking she has come too far and cannot lose now, she enters the room picking the pillow so she can end his life, however before she can suffocate him Saurabh, Sonakshi and Dev come exclaiming she is doing a really good deed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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