Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Sonakshi is on the call with the delivery boy, she asks him to ring the bell, he replies he has been ringing since a long time, Sonakshi is with Dev and Ishwari, she explains she is really worried about why he is not answering, Dev and Sonakshi both go to open the door.

Some time earlier Dev is with Vicky, Sanjana Sukhi, he mentions they should perform a demo of the school which they are making under the Asha foundation, Sukhi explains that they are missing the most important thing which is the cafe, Dev explains it is a great idea which they will work on, he assures they will call him for the taste test, Vicky is about to leave with Sukhi when Sanjana abruptly says that she has an idea, she advises since these schools are not just a venture but an emotional thing for him so why should not they give a touch, since it is a venture in the name of his mother in law so why can they not include any personal details, Dev is amazed with the idea, Sanjana questions who would give her the best idea about her, Dev mentions it would his father in law and he is free at the moment, Dev asks Vicky to take her but he replies that they have a meeting with the investors so leaves with Sukhi.

Sanjana at once apologizes to Dev sir for talking in between, she tries to clarity saying that she is still very embarrassed about what happened in the past, she was not able to overcome, Dev in anger explains that he keeps his personal and business life separate, she must focus on the work and go to get the information, she turns to leave, he warns her to not say it again and again that she is embarrassed since it is of no use, Sanjana leaves with a smile.

Sanjana rings the bell, Sonakshi opens the door, seeing whom Sanjana is shocked, she questions what she is doing here, Sonakshi replies she is also a member of this house so can come here, she welcomes Sanjana to the house, introducing Bijoy to her, she is about to take his blessings, but he stops her, inviting her to come and sit down. Sanjana explains that Dev sir asked her to find about the likes and dislikes of Asha, they both are the best people to talk to regarding her, she sees the photo of Asha so goes to take her blessings.

Bijoy pulls Sonakshi to the corner, he asks would it not be better if they relieve the memories by ordering her favourite ice cream which is of the chocolate flavour, Sonakshi asks if it was the favourite ice cream of Asha or him, Bijoy gets embarrassed, Sonakshi agrees to order it the last time but that too which is sugar free.

Sanjana standing in front of the portrait of Asha, exclaims does she really think she would not be able to achieve her goal as she is not afraid of the challenges but rather enjoys them a lot.

Sanjana walks secretly behind Bijoy, she is about to take out something from her purse but stops when Sonakshi calls her, she hands Bijoy the drink which at first he refuses to drink but is forced to because of Sonakshi, he exclaims Sanjana is lucky that Sonakshi is not her boss, Sanjana picks her purse and while searching accidentally drops a knife from it, Sonakshi and Bijoy both are shocked to see it, Sanjana clarifies that Sonakshi changed her diet so she is forced to keep the knife because of the fruits, Sonakshi responds she can even cut them in the house as it is not safe to walk with a sharp object. Sanjana however is just thinking when Sonakshi questions what is she thinking, Sanjana replies she is wondering what did Asha like the most, Bijoy explains she was always a lover of simplicity and this was shown in each and every thing which she did, Sanjana writes it down, Sonakshi asks Bijoy if he recalls how her smile was enough to end any problem which was in their lives, Sonakshi receives a call from her office, she apologizes mentioning who she has to leave, Sanjana also asks if Sonakshi can drop her at the metro station, Sanjana explains she is really glad that she came to his house as she got to know so much about Asha, they will try their best to make this project a memorable one.

Ishwari is decorating the murti of Bhagwan, Shuv questions if he also used to wear the same clothes when he was young, Ishwari explains she made these clothes with her own hands, Sonakshi receives a call from the ice cream delivery boy, he explains how he has been ringing the bell for so long but no one was answering it, Sonakshi asks him to ring it again, when he replies he has been standing for a long time, Sonakshi tries to call Bijoy but he doesnot answer which worries her, she explains he never does this, Ishwari also comes asking what happened, Sonakshi explains Bijoy is not answering his call, she is getting worried, Ishwari explains there is nothing to worry about and asks them both to go and check what has happened.

Sanjana in her house places a Malla on the photo of Bijoy, she recalls that she once again went to his house, with the excuse that she forgot her diary and then she asked for a photo of Asha, which gave her the time to pour water on the floor and also placed a live wire over it, she walked out with the coloured photo and heard the cry of Bijoy, she exclaims he should bless her as then she would be able to create differences between Dev and Sonakshi to the extent that there is only emptiness in their relationship, now she would be in the life of Dev.

Dev and Sonakshi both knock on the door but Bijoy doesnot open it, Sonakshi then opens it with her key, she is entering is shocked to see Bijoy on the floor and is about to check on him but Dev stops her, he sees the live wire and removes it with a stick, he then sees that Bijoy is breathing, Dev immediately calls the ambulance.

Dev is on the call with Ishwari explaining he is in the car while Sonakshi is with Bijoy in the ambulance and they are taking him to the hospital, Ishwari worries wondering what happened to Bijoy, she asks Dev to keep informing them about the situation, they must not worry about the children since she along with Neha will take care of them, Neha asks what happened when Ishwari explains Bijoy is ill, Soha along with Aayush and Shuv also hear it, Ishwari assures he will be fine since their parents took him to the hospital, she asks them to eat but they all refuse exclaiming they will not eat anything until their parents arrive.

Sonakshi along with Dev is rushing Bijoy to the operation theatre, she requests him to open his eyes for her, the doctors ask Sonakshi to wait outside, she starts crying, resting her head on Dev’s shoulder.

Precap: Dev tries to calm down Sonakshi exclaiming they could not have changed anything since it was an accident, Sanjana also arrives at the hospital. The doctor comes out, Sonakshi asks him regarding the health of Bijoy, he remain silent and seems tensed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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