Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Misses Verma that the mother who has seen the death of her son, what can she fear, Ishwari coming exclaims she ahs talked about being a mother, then she is also a mother who would not let anything wrong happen to her, the lawyer explains that Dev and Sonakshi have not adopted Soha legally and she has blood relatives present so they should give the custody of Soha, Aayush coming forward exclaims that Soha is really happy in this house with Sonakshi and Dev, and this is her family but even when she used to know how he was lying, when he would bring the sweets for Grandfather, but he would say that he has eaten them however she used to know the truth, Sanjana explains that they can leave now because of the happiness of the children, however they will come back tomorrow and are hopeful that they will surely reach a conclusion, she hints Sonakshi about what she has demanded, Misses Verma explains that they are leaving now but will not accept any of the emotions that are made by the children, Dev questions why are they once again threatening them, Neha stops Dev,. Aayush goes to Soha wiping off her tears.

In the night Neha is sitting in front of Soha, requesting her to have some water because there is nothing to be worried about, Aayush taking the glass goes to sit beside Soha, he requests her to not be worried as even this is her family, Soha replies she is not the biological daughter of Dev and Sonakshi, they did not even tell her the truth, Aayush explains that when he got to know he had to come to a new house, this really scared him but after coming into this family, he got a beautiful and caring sister like her, and the love of both his parents, Soha replies but they are his real parents, he brings the drawing which she had made of the family, asking if she doesnot think they are the same, as she is the Soha in the family, who has grown to become the princes of their parents, they still love her the same even when he has come into their live, Soha replies how she used to think why did he come to their family, she apologizes, Dev asks her to never think about being in the two families as they both have the same family and the parents just like in the drawing, Soha leans her head, Neha gets really tensed seeing them both.

Neha in her room takes out the reports, she with a smile on hr face tries to call someone but the call doesnot connect, Neha starts smiling.

Sonakshi explains the conditions to Dev, he is shocked so she replies that she has placed the condition that Sonakshi ahs to choose between either Soha or Dev, he in anger explains that he was quiet because she used to talk about Soha however now things have gotten out of hand, Sonakshi calms down Dev mentioning there are a lot of legalities involved, he doesnot need to be frustrated as they have to first win back the trust of Soha.

Aayush is sitting on his bed while Soha is sleeping, Dev and Sonakshi enter the room, he explains that she was crying and in the meantime slept, Dev applauds Aayush, saying he is really proud with the way he tried to protect her, Aayush re[plies he is really scared after thinking if his Grandparents would take away Soha from them because he doesnot want her to leave, Deva assures they would never let anyone take Soha away, now Aayush should go back to sleep.

In the morning Soha is sitting on the couch, Dev and Sonakshi coming explains that their princess is looking really beautiful, and when she sits like this the seems exactly like her father, Sonakshi explains the first time when she took Soha in her arms, she was really small and even her hands with really small, she then clinged her finger which made her think, Soha was asking her to not leave her under any circumstance, Dev explains the first time when he met her he did not even know that she was his daughter but she made him realize the true meaning of love once again, she wipes off the tears from the face of Dev, Sonakshi mentions how she was not able to call her Mother before but would speak the broken words, she requests her to call her Maa once again, Dev asks if she knows the time when they brought a gift which she did not like so they apologized, Sonakshi and Dev once again apologize, Aayush explains he has something which will cheer Soha, he plays the video in which Dev is trying to feed her, she immediately starts smiling, Soha exclaims that she really loves her mother, she then hugs Sonakshi, Soha also hugs Dev, assuring that she will always remain their daughter no matter what happens, she asks them to make sure they do not send her away under any circumstance, Dev receives a letter from the parenting court, he is shocked to read it, Sonakshi also is frustrated after reading it.

Mr and Misses Verma open the door to find Dev and Sonakshi standing there, he explains they wanted to talk with them so seeks their permission to come inside, Misses Verma mentions it is not their upbringing to send a guest back from their door so they can come inside, Dev sitting explains they send them the court notice, Misses Verma replies they had no other option, Sonakshi mentions how they all love Soha but one doesnot cause pain to those they love, she advises them to not believe the words of Sanjana as she cannot herself decide between what is wrong and right, Misses Verma doesnot understand, Sonakshi explains she desires to marry Dev even when she knows he is married but when they came to know about her desires, she has started using such techniques to harm them.

Sanjana comes with the herbal drink for Mr and Misses Verma and the tea for the guests, Misses Verma explains she was right because they have come to instigate them against her, Sanjana explains she can bear them all but will make sure they are able to get their Granddaughter, Dev explains this is all just an act when Mr Verma in anger explains that he will no longer listen to any demands of Dev, he can leave now as the decision would be of the court. Sanjana stops Sonakshi at the door exclaiming that they will see what happens at the court since this will prove that even her desires are adamant, she closes the door.

The court hearing begins when the lawyer of Dev explains that the son of Mr and Misses Verma in the desires of a son switched him with the son of Dev, they both were unaware of this truth and always considered Soha to be as their own daughter so why should they have to bear such pain, the lawyer representing the Verma, stands exclaiming he is right but Soha still has her blood relations present in the city, Sanjana is her biological aunt and she can take care of Soha, as for the reason behind parenting can Dev and Sonakshi clarify why were they not living together for seven years and also why were they seeking couple therapy from Dr Navya Anand, he prays that if they call such parenting good that no parents should be like them, Sonakshi and Dev are worried.

Precap: Dev and Sonakshi are enjoying their time playing with Soha, the door opens and Sanjana along with Mr and Misses Verma enter the house, she is handing the papers to Dev explains she has won the case so has come to take Soha, she immediately hides behind Sonakshi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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