Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Neha exclaims Dev was able to set up the company because she left the studies and whatever she does in the company would be decided by her brother, dev standing asks Neha to not talk like this, she replies he would take her side but had he taken her side she might have joined the company a while ago, Ishwari standing asks her to end the anger as they all are really happy because today is her first day in the office, Ishwari leaves asking her o wait, she brings the tiks from the mandir, then blesses her to become more successful and remain happy.

Neha exclaims that she has been able to do this just because of Sanjana as she is the only one who believed in her and made her realize that she doesnot have to be in the kitchen and can achieve anything, so she is also worthy to have the tika, Sonakshi cannot see this, Ishwari explains that she is glad to know there is someone to whom Neha can open and reveal her feelings, she is really thankful to Sanjana, she after taking the blessings of Ishwari exclaims she is glad that she could be of help to Neha. Sonakshi is not really happy about what is going on.

Sonakshi is checking the homework of Soha, she calls her questioning why did she not do the homework, Soha replies there is nothing to be worried about since today was not the period of that subject so she will do it later, Sonakshi mentions she told them to do the homework on the same day on which it is given, so they should sit down and complete it, Soha explains there is nothing to be worried about since they will do it later, Aayush and Soha run away without listening to her which worries her.

Sonakshi sitting in the room with a pen thinks of how the children for the first time refused to accept her order and did not do the homework, she thinks that even Neha is taking the side of Sanjana.

Sanjana sitting in the room with a chess table thinks that the relations of a women are what make her worthy of a family, now the children are coming close to her, Neha is that horse which she can use and until she has the ropes to Neha Ishwari would also stand with her as a mother will always do what is the best for her daughter, Sonakshi however in the room is tensed wondering that it is not that simple. Sanjana mentions that now that everyone would come close to her, she will end the last piece of the puzzle taking the place of Sonakshi in the life of Dev, she throws the other side queen considering it as a check mate.

Sonakshi is sitting when Dev comes questioning what is going on, Sonakshi explains that ever since she came back, she thinks something is really off about what is going on, she is even manipulating the children as they for the first time refused to do their homework, Sonakshi mentions it is not about the children but that she thinks Sanjana is trying to influence them, Neha took such a big decision without consulting anyone from the family and just took the advice of Sanjana, she cannot understand anything, Dev exclaims even he wanted to talk about Sanjana. Neha standing at the door says Dev should not also stay back from scolding Sanjana, because she thought she had said a lot to Sonakshi so came to apologize but they both are going after Sanjana, when she was the only one who stood with her to mend her life, she demands that they both tell her what is going on and leaves s Dev follows her. Sonakshi thinks she is right as no one can see what she can but there must be a clue that will reveal the agenda of Sanjana.

In the morning Sonakshi is setting the tablets of Ishwari when she receives a call from Saurabh, she asks what did Dr rangoli said about the condition of Bijoy, she is not able to hear him so goes outside, Sanjana seeing the opportunity changes the tablets of Ishwari, Sonakshi comes back to the sofa and is tensed as she feels the tablets are changed.

Ishwari hands Neha her tiffin mentioning she can take the advice from Dev in the office, Neha explains he is always busy but she has Sanjana who is her support, Sanjana assures she would be there for her but not today as her friends landlord is showing her some apartments today, Ishwari explains it is not like that but she is happy because ever since Neha came back she is smiling just because of Sanjana so she has come to them like that happiness, Ishwari tries to stand but sits back because of her knee pain, Neha explains she will stay with her but Ishwari explains that she is fine and even has Sonakshi who takes care of her, Sonakshi comes handing her the medicine box, she assures Neha that she will take care of Maa, so seeks permission to go for half an hour but advises Ishwari to not go in the kitchen, Sanjana is standing when she sees Sonakshi leaving,. She smiles because Ishwari is taking the medicines.
Vicky in the office says they should go with the same designs which are already working in their three sites, he feels they are the best, but Neha advises how she feels they should look into new designs because this would be the best for them as a company, Dev agrees with Neha, Vicky leaves with a dishearten mind, Neha sits down when exclaiming she feels she would be exhausted because of arguing with Vicky. Dev asks her to not be so stressed.

Sanjana while eating with Ishwari exclaims she cooks really well and her cooking is really good, Ishwari is not feeling well and is dizzy, she falls down on the ground so Sanjana while being with her calls the worker.

Ishwari is lying down on the bed when Sonakshi questions how it happened, Neha in anger exclaims she would know because it happened with her mistake, Sonakshi questions what she means, Neha mentions the doctor said that Ishwari had been over dosed and it happened because of the box which Sonakshi gave to her, she is worried questioning how did it happen when she carefully placed all of the medicines according to the prescription, Neha asks why is she arguing when it is clearly her mistake, Dev asks Neha to calm down as she is making a big scene out of a small situation. Ishwari also explains how she knows that Sonakshi would be the one who is hurt the most, Sonakshi sitting down apologizes to Ishwari.

Sanjana also mentions that Neha should not be so angry as Ishwari would be fine because the effects of the medicine are going to wear off but Sonakshi is really tensed as she is also taking care of her father who is in coma, they cannot understand how difficult it is for them, Ishwari explains that Sanjana is right so tries to sit up even when they all asks her to rest, she insists on going to the Mandir with the help of Dev as this would make her feel nice, Neha asks Sonakshi to rest while they can take Maa to the Mandir, Sanjana standing outside the room thinks she will one by one take away all the relations which Sonakshi holds dear until she is left alone, so her family would also crumble.

Precap: Dev asks the software engineer if he found anything, he replies that he found a webcam software which was embedded in his laptop, and it had the same codding which was relating to the software that changed the picture. Sanjana coming to the office asks Dev if he found any clue, Dev replies that they have found a solid clue.

Update Credit to: Sona

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