Bhagya Lakshmi 12th January 2024 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Neelam singing Bhajan ….Virender sings along with her. Everyone is standing. Lakshmi sings then. Rishi smiles hearing her singing bhajan. Malishka gets angry and thinks clever, illiterate, mad Lakshmi, you have ruined all my hardwork. She thinks the game is not over yet, I will make you lose and will free Rishi and virender uncle from your clutches. She comes to the dining table and is about to throw the prasad box from the dining table.

Lakshmi holds it and says it is not right to throw the prasad. Malishka says she was holding the box. Rishi comes there and says everyone is waiting for prasad. Lakshmi asks shall I give prasad to everyone. Rishi asks Malishka if Lakshmi can do. Malishka says yes, and tells Lakshmi that like Minto is her friend, she is his friend. She says I will hold the tray and you can give the prasad to everyone. Ayush gets doubtful. They go out. Lakshmi is giving prasad to everyone, and Malishka makes Lakshmi fall down on Neelam. Neelam gets up. Karishma scolds Lakshmi for about to make prasad fall on Neelam.

Lakshmi signs at Malishka and says she made me fell down. Malishka says I am standing here holding the tray. She thinks she will make her scolded by Neelam. Sonia shouts at Lakshmi and calls her mental case. Rishi shouts Sonia and asks her not to be oversmart. Neelam stops Rishi and Sonia. Lakshmi says sorry Mom. Neelam says no, problem its ok. Malishka is shocked to see her cool reaction. Neelam asks Lakshmi to give prasad to everyone. Malishka asks Lakshmi to be careful and says you are growing big now. Virender thanks Neelam for her support.

Sonal looks at the knife and thinks it is same as Malishka wanted. Kiran comes there and asks about Malishka. Sonal says it is Neelam aunty’s birthday so Malishka will be there. Kiran says I know and she has invited me, I would have thrown this party, if that inauspicious Lakshmi is not there. Sonal says Neelam aunty made Lakshmi have the cake. Kiran says if Neelam has gone mad.

Malishka gets the hall ready for the party as per her planning. She hears Lakshmi telling Ayush that it is beautifully decorated. She takes her phone and clicks her photo. Lakshmi asks her to take her photo and calls her aunty. Malishka thinks my foot. She takes photo and selfie with her. Lakshmi says she will do the work. Malishka asks her to ask the guy to hang the balloons. Lakshmi goes.

Kiran asks Sonal what Malishka is doing there when Neelam has accepted Lakshmi as her bahu. She asks if some planning is going on in her mind. Sonal thinks if I tell her truth that Malishka planned attacked on Neelam aunty then Kiran will attacked me. Kiran asks her to tell. Sonal says nothing is in her mind, don’t worry. Kiran says there is no use of planning and plotting and says everything is over. She asks her to make her understand and says infact I will make her understand. Sonal thinks aunty was right, Malishka shall forget Rishi and shall move on, if any mistake happens, then she will get rotten in jail all life.

Malishka tells Lakshmi that they shall decorate the corridor and takes her there. She says you have decorated it well. Ayush comes back and thinks where did she go? Malishka brings Lakshmi to the corridor where Chandelier’s rope is hanging. She tells her that it is not looking good and asks her to decorate it, then everyone will praise you and will give you chocolates. She goes and clicks her photos. She says she is weaving the trap for her, and says the rope which you are decorating will be your neck’s cuff. She says tonight, your name and existence will end here.

Neelam invites her friend to her birthday party, but her friend tells that she is going abroad to meet her daughter. Neelam asks her to come and meet her after returning and give her love to her daughter. Kiran calls Neelam. Neelam asks why we shall spoil our friendship due to our children. Kiran says that’s why I called you and wishes her happy birthday. Neelam asks when is she coming? Kiran says very soon. Neelam says I know that Rishi and Malishka couldn’t marry and you are very sad about it. She says I had thrown Rishi out of my house, but have to accept Lakshmi for his happiness. She says I hope you understand. Kiran says I understand. Neelam asks when you will be coming? Kiran says she will come back soon.

Neelam and Virender sees the Doctor. Neelam asks why Doctor came, if everything is alright. Rishi says he came for Lakshmi and says infact there is good news. Malishka thinks if she is pregnant. Rishi says I thought to check with the doctor if Lakshmi is fine or not and sent him the garden video, and says Doctor checked and told that she is getting fine and will recover soon. Doctor says if she will be taken care like this, then the recovery will happen soon. Malishka gets worried and then thinks this will be super bad news for Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks if I am unwell. Rishi says your strength got less, so we called Doctor.

Virender says she will be fine. Lakshmi says she will be super hero. Rishi says super heroine. Lakshmi says yes, you are my super hero and I am your super heroine. Virender thanks Neelam for accepting Lakshmi. Lakshmi sees the return gifts and asks them. Rishi says it is return gifts. Lakshmi says she needs Minty for her Toy Rishi. Neelam says you will get the Gudiya. Malishka hears and thinks what has happened to Neelam aunty today. She thinks Lakshmi will have two relatives Toy Rishi and Minty. Neelam and Virender go to the old age home/orphanage.

Malishka congrats Rishi and says Lakshmi is getting fine. She says she has done all the decorations. Rishi says it is good. Lakshmi says it is good and asks Malishka why he is calling him as Rishi. Malishka says I will keep this in mind and calls him Minto. Balwinder calls Malishka. Malishka gets angry and asks why did he call her, and tells that whenever he calls her, she remembers that he took her name. Balwinder says he didn’t take her name, else she would have been in jail. Malishka asks him if he is gone and asks him to go and beg on the road. Balwinder says he wants his money. Malishka asks for what and insults him. She asks shall I give money for try. Balwinder says he has beaten up by Rishi. Malishka refuses. Balwinder threatens to expose her before Rishi. Malishka gets angry and thinks to show him his value. Balwinder says witch and says he will expose her.

Rishi comes to room. Lakshmi tells him that she will give gift to Mom. Rishi says I have brought gift for Mom and we will give it to her together. She says she will give her separate gift. Rishi asks her to come to the market and buy the gift. Lakshmi says she will make the gift.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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