Jhanak : Anirudh Lashes Out at Jhanak !

The Episode starts with Shuvh asking Tanuja to enjoy the game. He gives her a rose and wishes her. She also wishes him. They hug. Arshi goes to some guy. She turns and goes to Anirudh. She holds his face. She smiles. She puts the garland on Anirudh’s neck. She removes the blindfold. Everyone claps. Arshi and Anirudh smile. He says I promise, I will give 50000rs later. He asks Arshi did you identify me among everyone. Shubh says its true love. Tanuja says I was tense. Dadi blesses Arshi. She says you proved, you love Ani a lot, he can’t get a better life partner than you. Dada says yes, Ani, you understand the meaning. Anirudh says I m the luckiest person in this world. He sees Jhanak. Jhanak talks to Appu. She says Arshi truly loves Anirudh, and she proved it today. Lal ties the blindfold to Anirudh. Dadi says be careful, Anirudh shouldn’t get hurt. Lal says yes, he shouldn’t see anything. He gives the garland to Anirudh.

Anirudh looks for Arshi. Shubh says Anirudh will also identify Arshi. Anirudh goes to Lal and holds him. Arshi laughs. Anirudh goes to Arshi. They smile. He goes aside. He puts the garland in Jhanak’s neck and smiles. Everyone is shocked.

Anirudh says no one can defeat me, get my 50000rs. He removes the blindfold and sees Jhanak. Appu says its fun. Shubh asks why are you here, Jhanak. Anirudh asks who allowed her here and why. They argue with Jhanak. She says its not my mistake. Tanuja says stop your nonsense. Dadi says she is an outsider, look at her attitude and courage, she is calling us wrong. Jhanak asks Appu are you happy now, I m getting insulted again. Arshi pulls the garland and breaks it. She scolds Jhanak. Shubh and Anirudh also scold her. Tanuja asks her to just get lost. Jhanak cries. Choton asks Jhanak to go.

Anirudh says if this happens again, then I can say anything. Jhanak asks what’s left, how much will you insult me, you aren’t letting me go from here, I will go from here one day, you are rich but dual faced, liar, fake. She goes. Shubh says how dare she. Arshi asks why didn’t you say anything. He says its better to stay away if we have to maintain respect. The guy asks how can a maid talk to you like this. Arshi says its complicated situation. Shubh says she is mad. Lal says what will we do now, she spoiled everyone’s mood. Its morning, Tanuja ends a call and calls out Dadi. She says my cousin’s daughter Rinki, her daughter’s AnnPrashan is there tomorrow. Dadi says I forgot. Shubh says we have to give her a good gift, Rinki is Tanuja’s fav. Tanuja says yes. Dadi says take anything you want. Tanuja says I will go shopping with Bipasha, Shubh has to go to court for hearing. Shubh says yes, go along. Tanuja asks Dadi to come. Dadi says fine. Tanuja asks Anjana to come. Anjana says I will be here to take care of dad. Bipasha says Jhanak is the maid, she will take care.

Anjana asks can she take good care of him. He says I m not a kid, I just want tea and food. Dadi says Jhanak will make food, Anjana, come along with us. Appu comes and says I will also come. Tanuja says Lal, ask your dad to come home early and take care of Appu. Anjana says I will stay back and take care of Appu. Appu asks why can’t I go. Shubh says you will misbehave and get us insulted. Appu says I promise, I won’t do anything. Bipasha says she will embarrass us. Anjana says I will stay back. Tanuja and Shubh ask Anjana to come for their sake. Anirudh comes. Tanuja says there is rasam at Rinki’s place. He says I will feed the food to the baby. Anjana says I can’t control Appu. Appu asks Jhanak to come with them.
Anirudh and Arshi get engaged. Shrishti asks Tejas to come and bless Arshi. Tejas says I have to complete a work. He plays the Anirudh and Jhanak’s wedding pics on screen. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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