Imlie : Surya – Imlie’s Nok Jhok !

Surya sees Imlie having her and Agastya’s photo and says he can see how much he loves Agastya unless it’s him and she has fallen in his love. Imlie warns him to stop talking nonsense. She tricks him and locks the room door from outside. Surya warns her to open the door and kicks it. Sonali pleads nurse Sarla to reveal the truth related to her family as her family is in trouble and promises not never trouble her again, she can lessen her guilt by revealing truth, etc. Guards broke the room door open and drag Sonali and Amar out. Sarla stops guards and reveals that Meera had come for delivery in this hospital 27 years ago.

Imlie searches Surya’s room. Surya breaks the door open and rushes to his room. Family follows him. Surya accuses Imlie of searching his room with a vested interest. Chaudhry family humiliates and verbally abuses Imlie as usual. Imlie shows Chaudhry family photos, bank account details, company accounts, etc., and asks Surya if he was transferred to Purvaiya by chance and if he didn’t know Caudhrys before that, etc. Surya says he doesn’t know what is she saying. Imlie says he wanted to take revenge from Chaudhrys. Sonali walks in and says she knows what is Surya hiding. She asks Alka to tell truth at least now. Alka refuses and walks away to her room saying she didn’t do anything wrong.

Chaudhrys follow her and knock her door. Sonali pleads to open the door and promises to never leave her alone. Surya breaks the door open. Family rushes to Alka and tries to comfort her. Alka shows Sonali’s childhood toys which Kunal had bought for her and says Kunal’s behavior changed towards Sonali and her once he learnt that she can’t give him a son, he was happy that Meera is giving him a son and was eagerly waiting for her son, she abducted Meera’s son from the hospital with nurse Sarla’s help and threw him in a dustbin, later she learnt that Meera had given birth to twins and asked Sarla to lie that Meera’s twin son died after delivery, she sent Meerat to bring the boy back and learnt that someone else took baby away, Surya is that boy who is Agastya’s twin, etc. She pleads Daadi to forgive her. Daadi verbally abuses her for being so toxic and refuses to forgive her.

Malti’s mother enters and is shocked to hear the truth. She confronts Surya for keeping her and Malti in dark and spending their money to save his biological family. She tells Malti that he doesn’t consider her as his sister and just misused them. Surya feels sad. Malti asks him not to bother about amma’s words and says he knows she is his family and he loves her a lot, she is happy that he found his biological family. Surya assures that she is always his sister and his first priority than Chauhdrys. Sonali and Shivani tell Imlie that Surya is not bad and was just searching for his biological family. Sonali says she always had a brotherly feeling for Surya and not it’s proven. They ask Imlie to forgive Surya. Imlie agrees.

Precap: Surya protects Imlie from rain and asks who will save her family from him. Imlie says she will save his family from his evil intentions.

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