Katha Ankahee : Aarav Has a Meltdown Seeing Viaan !

Katha Ankahee the Sony TV show produced by Sphere Origins is all set to end soon!! With its last episode to be aired over the month end, there is disappointment and grief setting in, with the viewers and fans of the show. Well, the show will soon hit to its climax. And the precursor of it will happen when Aarav will eventually meet Viaan (Adnan Khan). As we know, Viaan has invited Katha (Aditi Sharma) and Raghav (Manish Raisinghan) to the Diwali party. Aarav drops in from his camp before time and this comes as a big surprise for Katha.

The coming episode will see Katha sharing her worry with Viaan. She will tell him not to come before Aarav, as she fears him going back to the trauma he had faced years back.

However, during the Diwali party, Viaan and Aarav will come face to face. Aarav will yell at Viaan, while Viaan will try to talk to Aarav. Aarav will push Viaan and will tell him to go away and that he will not want to talk to him. Aarav will get violent and will get into a destructive mode when Raghav will come there, and will pick Aarav in his arms and take him away.

Viaan will be shocked to see Aarav’s reaction.

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