Kundali Bhagya 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update

Sherlin walking in the hall sees Rishab and prithvi fighting, she is stunned looking at them all downstairs and how their accomplices are being beaten, she warns them all to stop but they donot listen she keeps on yelling but it doesnot have any affect, she throws a vase down causing the noise which stuns them all, she points a gun at them threatening to fire if they move a bit. Raja along with his men once again manage to pick up their guns, she demands the jewelry which they have but she refuses, Mahesh questions why is she arguing.

Rakhi once again refuses but then Sherlin threatens to harm them, Rishab says they can take all the money but not cause any problem, Kavya comes asking about her mother when Sherlin tries to snatch the necklace from her, Rishab rushes to stand in between them questioning what is he trying to do as she is just a child so they must not try to harm her, Sherlin assures of leaving but with the necklace, Rakhi requests him to take all the jewelry which they want from her room, Sherlin asks if she thinks they are that foolish since they have already filled the entire bag with it all.

Arjun is with Preeta and Dadi in the room when he says that he felt really nice meeting with them but now has to leave, they all try to accompany him but he says he would go alone, Arjun says they all should protect themselves, Preeta also follows him so he thinks as if he is someone else, Arjun picks the vase but suddenly stops seeing her, Arjun questions what is she doing when she says that she can take care of them all and women have proven to be capable of doing everything, he agrees when she keeps insisting.

Rishab requests them to not do anything wrong with his child, Kavya manages to bit the hand and tries to run away but Prithvi manages to catch her, Rishab requests him to not do anything to his daughter but he keeps on threatening, Preeta seeing this from the balcony yells and so rushes demanding Kavya from prithvi, Sherlin thinks that Preeta is his old love so now she must see If he still has feeling for her, prithvi gives back kavya to Preeta without resisting so this also worries Arjun who wonders what is wrong, Prithvi seeing Sherlin once again snatches Kavya from her.

Arjun is with Anjali on the balcony and seeing that they have also pointed a gun at Preeta rushes warning them to let her go, they donot listen so he throws the vase at him which causes Prithvi to stumble, they all start fighting and manage to beat the goons. Prithvi falls on the ground where he sees the gun so thinks that his plan cannot fail this time, he fires a bullet warning them to not take a step but Rishab runs with his entire family meanwhile the guests are still here, Prithvi questions where is the family but they donot see them which worries prithvi.

Arjun is walking when someone pulls him in the room, he is stunned that Anjali pulled him so questions what is the matter with him when Anjali instead asks what did he do downstairs as it was not right, he sits down thinking that she has something on her mind which she wants to ask but is not able to do it, she says that he does not think of anyone when Preeta is standing in front of him, he start fighting downstairs but Arjun replies that he is still angry at Preeta and remembers what she has done but his family was also there and so he needed to protect them.


Anjali replies but she does not believe him at all as he cannot control his feeling when Preeta is around him which is not at all right, Arjun in frustration replies that he doesnot care about Preeta at all but only his family, he leaves asking her to not talk about it before. Anjali thinks of when he said that he still has Preeta in his heart as he loved her once but she gets confused thinking what should she believe as he keeps on changing his statements.

Rishab is with his family, he asks them to make sure they not leave the room under any circumstance because he has to go out and handle the situation, Mahesh stopping him asks what does he think of himself as the goons have guns and weapons, Rishab assures there is nothing to worry about since he has Sameer but Mahesh asks if he think they both would be enough, Rishab tries to convince him.

Rakhi pulling him back slaps Rishab, she then hugs him tightly mentioning that they have not been able to overcome the pain after Karan’s death and now he is also going to put his life at risk which is not right, she asks Arjun to come inside and talk some sense into Rishab. Arjun at once calls her as mom which stuns them all, he clarifies that he meant nothing would happen to Rishab,

she replies that she trusts him more then her but what will happen of them if anything happens to Rishab, he asks if she remembers that he promised until he is alive nothing would happen to Rishab. Preeta is shocked seeing what he is saying, Arjun seeing Kavya goes to her asking why is she so scared as they all are playing a game but are acting like elders.

Prithvi and Sherlin both are searching when she asks what is he doing, he mentions they must find the family. Sherlin informs that the Luthra’s have called the police so they have to run away, he pushing her to the corner explains that he made a plan to ruin the party and did it but he wants to ruin them all, Sherlin advises they should run away but he says this house is really big so they can hide anywhere but if they run out then the police will catch them.

Sherlin questions what else can they do as there is not any plan, he mentions they would make someone their hostage, she asks how are they going to do it when all of them have run away. He assures of finding them suggesting to make Preeta the hostage as then Rishab would be forced to ask the police to stop their search giving them the way to run away.

Raja pointing a gun at them warns that they should not even think of moving, Vishnu suggests of a plan mentioning they might create differences by announcing that Arjun who is the younger brother of Rishab gave the money to harm her, this would surely create a rift between them both. Sameer is stunned.

Update Credit to: Sona

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