Kundali Bhagya 7th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Nidhi is really glad after finding out she got the tickets for London, she walks into the room however is shocked to not find Anjali there, she wonders where Anjali can go as she is in a coma and cannot leave, Nidhi wonders if the hospital staff has shifted her to another room, but she thinks how they can do it.

Nidhi walks out of the room when she sees a doctor so asks where Anjali is, the doctor replies she is still inside the room however Nidhi explains it might be possible they have shifted her to another room without his knowledge, but the doctor insists she is still in the room. Nidhi entering he room asks the doctor where is she, he also gets worried wondering where can she go all of sudden, Nidhi explains Anjali was under his treatment and is even in a coma, he asks Nidhi to come with him as they are going to watch the CCTV footage.

Anjali is standing outside the care unit staring at the twins of Karan and Preeta, she remembers when she saw a nurse saying she would take them all to the unit, Anjali recalls she then went to the nurse demanding the location of the children of Karan and Preeta, she then forcefully made her smell the chloroform due to which the nurse fell unconscious, but just at that same moment Shristhi and Sameer came into the room however she managed to secretly come out of the room.

Anjali also enters the care unit where she sees the twins who are right in front of her, Anjali remembers when Arjun exclaimed he really loves Preeta and refused to accept her love for him, but said she is just his very good friend.

Shristhi calls the sister to come when another nurse arrives asking what happened, Shristhi explains the nurse was already ill but she still came even after taking leave from the senior doctor, the nurse asks what are they both doing here, Shristhi explains her sister has just given birth so she wants to meet the children, Sameer and Shristhi start arguing when the nurse requests them both to go out and decide.

Preeta finally sits back on the bed in the room, Anjali also picks up one of the twins when Preeta suddenly feels restless, she explains she wants to go and be with her children however the nurse tries to stop her explaining she needs to rest, Preeta refuses saying there is something wrong and she would just see her children however the nurse keeps on requesting her to come back and sit down but Preeta insists on meeting her children,

Karan and Rishab both enter asking what happened however Preeta is still yelling saying she wants to meet her children, the doctor comes to Preeta who is panicking, Karina and Rakhi both ask how is Preeta behaving like this, she explains this is due to the hormonal changes and they give her an injection, Preeta hugs Karan explaining she wants to be with her children,

Preeta finally goes back to sleep, the doctor explains Preeta will relax and after she wakes up everything would be fine, the doctor assures that everything would be fine and so in the meantime they all should go and wait in the room. Karan going to Preeta assures nothing wrong is going to happen to anyone of their children as till he is alive he will always protect them, the doctor even asks Karan to wait outside for some time, he finally leaves the room,

Anjali is holding one of the babies, she is about to walk out of the room but a nurse suddenly enters asking who is she, Anjali explains she is the sister of Misses Mehra and the nurse asks why is she here in the care unit when she was not present at the time of the delivery, Anjali explains she was there but got dizzy and so came here to the room, the nurse agrees so Anjali leaves with the child but the nurse is worried when she does not see one of the twin of Karan and Preeta.

Nidhi enters the CCTV room with Nidhi, asking the operator to take out the footage, however they are not able to see anyone when Nidhi threatens to ruin the entire hospital if anything wrong happens to her sister as she believes her sister is still in coma, Nidhi asks them to turn back the video when she sees Anjali walking, the operator explains that it is wrong to blame the administration of the hospital without any proof,

Nidhi thinks that Anjali might not know she was with her the entire time and so might have gone back to the house, the doctor is shocked to see that she is leaving with a child, the operator turns back the video. Nidhi asks them to check the footage when she finally sees that Anjali is leaving with a child, Nidhi thinks that Anjali would be in the hospital so she has to find her, the doctor explains they have to find out whose child is missing.

The entire Luthra family is waiting when the doctor comes out, Dadi explains she is very old but has never seen a women behave like Preeta and it is a situation to be worried about, Karina also explains even her friends have gone through very difficult pregnancy but none of them behaved in this manner, the doctor once again assures that everything is fine. Rishab explains her answers have not received them of their worries so Dadi still has some questions, the doctor once again explains that it is due to the changes in the hormones, and she would be fine after a while. The doctor once again asks them to wait at the room, Rishab assures he will take everyone but they have to wait here for some time.

Anjali is running out with the child when she tries to open the cars thinking someone might have surely left the keys, Nidhi is able to see her entering a car so asks what is she doing as it is really wrong, Anjali explains she is going to leave with the child of Preeta, as the time to talk has ended, Nidhi starts crying wondering how is she going to inform the Luthra family.

The Luthra’s are waiting when Rakhi suddenly feels dizzy so they all help her sit down on the bench, Nidhi reaches the reception asking if Preeta is still admitted here, she is informed Preeta got ill so is in the ICU, Nidhi wonders if she should inform them all about the truth as Preeta is ill, Nidhi thinks if she does not tell them then it would be even worse as now Karan is still fine, Nidhi rushes to them when she hears Shristhi taking the nurse with her. Nidhi wonders if Preeta found out about the truth.

Karan is yelling for the doctor and asks him to come and check what has happened to his mother, the doctor starts performing the checkup, and explains they have to admit her since she does not seem well, Nidhi thinks Preeta is not well and even his mother is ill so what if something happens if she reveals the news, Nidhi thinks she even has to protect the life of the child which Anjali has taken with her, Nidhi thinks she has to bring back the child on her own without taking the help from anyone.


Update Credit to: Sona

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