Kundali Bhagya 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Arjun in immense excitement starts preparing for the wedding Prithvi seeing Arjun knocks on the door requesting the permission to enter, Arjun getting shocked questions what is he doing here, Prithvi praises Arjun for how good he is looking, Prithvi explains the entire world knows Arjun is getting married so when he found out about it then came to celebrate his wedding, Arjun furiously replies he can even believe a stranger but not him, Arjun insists Prithvi should leave if he wants Arjun to remain happy,

Prithvi asks what is his problem because had just brought a very simple business proposal as he knew that Arjun was also against the Luthra’s and wanted to destroy Rishab but then he feels Arjun first wanted to take the revenge from the Luthra’s but now wants to help them. Prithvi exclaims that even animals do not change sides so quickly but then how did Arjun do it, Arjun replies he is not interested in listening to his stupid conversation and he even threatens to call the security, Prithvi calls him as Karan, hearing which Arjun is shocked when Prithvi asks how he is feeling after returning to his own house.

Priyanka is shocked seeing Anjali standing on the edge of the Mansion, she requests Anjali to come down when Anjali replies that she is feeling nice after standing here as there is some hope, and the feeling of being scared but Priyanka requests her to come down however Anjali insists on standing here, Priyanka seeing the opportunity pulls her down so hugs Anjali, asking if she has lost her mind due to which she was about to give her life, Priyanka advises her to think with a cool mind and not give her own life.

Anjali replies that she does not know what to do, because whenever she feels she will get back her Arjun everything is ruined, as there is only Karan present in him, she explains she is even ready to give her own life for him, and even was ready to fight with everyone but she also deceived her sister for him, because he is engaged to her yet Arjun does not even she exists. Anjali explains she even blamed Rishab for him because she desires he should win every fight, but now Arjun only sees the Luthra family as her own when for her she was her entire family.

Priyanka also gets emotional as Anjali mentions she no longer has her family explaining she is feeling as if all of her dreams are sleeping from her hands and she cannot do anything about it, Anjali explains she even tried to take the life of Preeta in order to stop this marriage but her luck is so bad that Preeta survived without even a single scratch, Priyanka replies that she would not be able to do anything with such actions.

Anjali angrily replies that she doesn’t know what is right or wrong, Priyanka asks what she desires, Anjali exclaims what she wants can never happen. Priyanka explains that she can do what she desires and marry Arjun, Anjali asks how is this possible when he is marrying Preeta. Priyanka advises her to sit in place of Preeta at the mandap, Anjali is not able to understand so Priyanka whispers it in her ears, Anjali asks if she is sure, Priyanka replies if Anjali believes it then this plan would surely work.

Arjun questions why Prithvi is talking such rubbish when Prithvi replies then why is he so tensed, Arjun asks if Prithvi believes it to be the truth then why did he not tell his own family, Prithvi mentions even he wats to know the truth but Arjun desires to marry Preeta ad is acting as if he would give her his entire property. Arjun questions what does he do in his professional life or is just interested in stealing from the Luthra family, Arjun asks if he thought he would not recognize Prithvi if he came after taking off his mask. Arjun once again tries to throw Prithvi out of the house.

Prithvi replies he still has a lot of revenge which he wants to inflict on Karan. Prithvi explains he wants the answer of a simple questions which is why is he marrying Preeta knowing she was first married to Karan and now even Rishab. Arjun says he wants to snatch everything which Rishab holds dear. Prithvi says that he knows Rishab really loves his family and even has a lot of respect for Preeta je, this is why Arjun wants to marry Preeta. Prithvi explains he knows everything about Karan so Arjun should tell a lie to someone else.

Prithvi explains there is a very big twist in the love story of Arjun and Preet, which is that he really loves Preeta je a lot ad it is immense love, Arjun angrily throws the flower vase but Prithvi kneels, so it breaks after hitting the wardrobe. Prithvi explains Arjun missed it by an inch, informing Karan would also get furious in the same manner when he says he is Arjun, but this behavior of his has proven that he is Karan.

Prithvi asks if he remembers when he was about to get married with Preeta but Karan took his place at the Mandap, Prithvi exclaims now he will take the revenge for what happened all those years ago since today he will, sit with Preeta at the Mandap and perform all the rituals while even explaining he will perform the Shuagrat with her, Arjun not being able to control his anger starts beating Prithvi who is on the floor, Prithvi finally pick the metal box placed on the shelf before hitting Arjun with it who falls unconscious on the floor. Prithvi starts smiling.

Sameer while walking assures Dadi that he will surely come back with Arjun, he even gets a call but it ends before he can answer it. Shristhi while helping Preeta explains she is the best girl in this world while Preeta says even she is the best sister in this world, Kritika praises them both for being the best sister and requests them to not be jealous explaining she always desired to have a sister, even when she is grateful of having such nice brothers but always prayed for a sister.

Preeta going to her explains she is first her sister then her sister in law, Shristhi is also about to hug them when Kritika stops her explaining she is the one who always wants her to call her as sister in law but she even loves her the same. Kritika asks if they both should go down as everyone is waiting for the bride.

Sameer entering the room asks if he is ready to come downstairs as everyone is waiting, Prithvi under the Sehra signals he will come down so Sameer walks outside the room, Prithvi opening the door of the wardrobe explains this wedding will surely be grand for him.

Preeta is walking wit Kritika and Shristhi when Kritika prays that Arjun should reach on time, she sees Sameer so asks him about Arjun who informs he is ready for the wedding, Prithvi while walking to them thinks everyone is else is not like him as he is the true winner of this fight, Preeta wonders why is she feeling so weird, Shristhi asks if they are all going to stare each other standing here, they start walking towards the Mandap when Prithvi with a smile on his face mentions people learn from their mistakes like he did so he is going surely be the winner this time.

Precap: Prithvi wonders how did he get under the bed, Kritika entering the room explains everyone is calling Arjun downstairs, she is shocked seeing Prithvi. Sherlin asks where is Prithvi when the criminal informs Prithvi is fine as he is getting married, Sherlin is shocked. Rakhi asks Sameer why did he bring the entire trunk when she had just asked for the Chunri, Prithvi is scared thinking he had placed Kritika in that trunk.

Update Credit to: Sona

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