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Paras Kalnawat’s interview in the video above is SHOCKING! He says, “Bury the dark and shady things which happened with me in ‘Anupamaa’.” He says a lot more which we insist you see on the video to gauge how hurt he is.
And yes, he talks about his new assignment, ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’ too, for which he is said to have been terminated from the Rupali Ganguly-led show. Watch this ETimes TV SHOCKING EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW BELOW!

How is it that you were being relegated/sidelined in ‘Anupamaa’? When did this all start?
Maybe it’s a part and parcel of life to get highs and lows. It started about a year ago, after I lost my dad last year. I started getting emotionally attached to actors on the set, but realised that they were using me for their personal benefit. The makers stood by me in my hour of crisis but some of them from that team came back later to told me, ‘Arre hum toh tumhare saath Dad ke time par, saath khade the’.

Do some people say even such things?

Haan, bolte hain. I realised that if you start thinking you place your Mom and Dad in the show at a very high pedestal, it is likely to break your heart. Nobody can be your Mom and Dad except your real Mom and Dad. We actors do have a tendency to call our on-screen people Mummy, Papa, Bhai, Behan as just that.

What exactly happened?


It was very dark and shady. Let those things remain buried. I recall that once I was called by the production team that I should keep quiet about it. I was strictly told that I will never divulge it. Then I was asked if I had any proof and when I showed it to them, they made me delete those proofs. They said I should forget what wrong had been done to me. I let bygones be bygones, because I wanted to keep the show-politics away from me. I started isolating myself and in between the shots, I sat down in a corner to write shayris. Whatever happened here with me hasn’t happened ever with me anywhere.

You have let the cat among the pigeons in this interview. Throw some light…

I don’t think I will be able to talk about it now. I had decided that I will keep it to myself.

In a generic way at least?

My scenes were cut. I was put in a bad light; people started falsely gossiping about me that I had threatened them and spoken certain things about them. As I said, I had not done that. And… (pauses).

Go on…

If a senior is going to talk against you, the makers are going to believe the senior only.

I pushed myself into spirituality. It started bringing changes in me. I started feeling positive. Things started getting subtle.

It caught my attention when you said that on-screen Mom and Dad cannot be your real Mom and Dad. It makes me ask: There has been a lot of talk outside, not out in the press very clearly yet. Is it true that Rupali Ganguly and you could never get along with each other?

It’s not anything specific that we didn’t get along with each other. We all have differences in life. I still respect her and I think she still have a little bit of love left for me.

Just ‘a little bit’?

(Laughs) Little bit, I would say. Her attachment towards me is not as much as her attachment towards other actors.

What is shocking is that Rupali didn’t contact you after your exit from the show. Has she reached out to you now?

Not just her, but several co-actors of ‘Anupamaa’ didn’t contact me. And, they haven’t contacted me yet. Many actors didn’t say anything to me when I was asked to leave, just nothing.

And you learned about your termination via the media reports?

I got my termination letter on the set. The next minute, I opened Instagram and realised that the production house had already informed the press.

Did you have an exclusivity contract with Rajan Shahi (producer of ‘Anupamaa’)?

Yes, but I didn’t know that the contract was for 3 years. I got to know about the 3-year aspect last year. I didn’t read the contract carefully. I got very excited and signed. This July, I completed 2 years. Mind you, some actors had the contract duration as 2 years and some had it even for 1-year.

Did you call Rajan Shahi?

No, I did not. But two days prior, I had left a message for him just a day before. And two days before, I told him that I look up to him as my father and would never have hurt him intentionally. I asked him that we should work out something and he can tell the channel about it.

What did he say in return?

He did not reply.

What did your co-actors who spoke to you about your exit tell you? Did they say ‘Aisa kaise kar sakte ye log?’

Yes. There were some co-actors who told me that the decision to exit me is wrong.

Has the show become only about Rupali Ganguly?

Hmmm… see, the show is called ‘Anupamaa’. But if you see the on-going track, yes it’s all about her. Story jaisi bhi ja rahi hai, the show is still No.1. So apparently the makers are doing it right.

Is everyone in ‘Anupamaa’ happy?

I would say ‘No’. They have told me that they want to be like me- like say it to the makers as it is- but they don’t have the courage. About 3 to 4 people have told me this.

Tell us about ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’… which you are doing in the near future…

It’s going to be fun. it’s my first dance show. It’s my first reality show. All in one take, there’s no going back. I am doing a lot of rehearsals. The body is paining but this is happy pain.

Will you see ‘Anupamaa’ hereafter?

I couldn’t see it even when I was doing it. I couldn’t get the time. But my mother watched it. I will tell her to still watch it.

Anybody from the previous seasons of ‘Jhalak… you idolise?

Sushant Singh Rajput, a wonderful performer and a great human being. People were so connected to him. He is my idol. His growth as an actor was great.

Apart from SSR?

Faizal Khan, who’s my neighbour. He is going to help me quite a bit, I guess.

Back to ‘Anupamaa’. Do you think your dues will be cleared?

I don’t think that will be an issue. The makers are fine and professional in payment. Waise bhi, TV mein payment is never instant or monthly, it’s 3 months.

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