Teri Meri Doriyaann : Sahiba Searches for Angad !

Seerat tells Angad that she had come to this place to spend a peaceful life, but fate sent him to her. Angad shouts shut up, he knows her drama; when she can bring him here, why couldn’t she find Sahiba or call ambulance. Seerat says whether he believes it or not, that is the truth; she would have helped even a stranger in trouble and brought him home. She offers him a herbal paste to apply on his injuries. He refuses and tries to get up saying he wants to meet Sahiba, but is unable to. He finds his legs injured and paralyzed.

Brars get tensed when Angad and Sahiba’s phone is not reachable. Inder says they are not so irresponsible, something is wrong for sure. Garry says driver Shiva is coming and will tell where Sahiba and Angad are. Angad asks Seerat what did she do with his legs as he remembers injuring his head and not feet. Seerat says maybe a vehicle ran over his legs after his accident. He asks her to call the doctor. She shows him climate outside and says there is only snow for miles and she can’t contact anyone. She says she will get him medicine, but before that will bring something to eat.

Sahiba searches for Angad and recalls someone taking him away. She follows the footsteps and finds Angad’s shoe. Shiv visits Brars and lies that Sahiba forcefully got him admitted to a hospital, paid the bill, and took Angad away. He shows Sahiba’s signed bill as a proof. Manveer sends him out. Gurleen says Sahiba wants to take revenge from them and hence took Angad somewhere. Manveer says Sahiba will do anything but will never harm Angad. Everyone look at her in surprise. Prabjot says they are seeing her supporting Sahiba for the first time, did she accept her as her DIL. Manveer says she didn’t say that but knows that Sahiba will never harm Angad; Sahiba will never make a mistake of sending evidence against herself, driver is lying. Inder informs that he called hospital and found out that no patient named Shiva was admitted there and the bill is fake.

Garry drags Shiva in, slaps him, and asks him to reveal truth. He hesitates at first but then reveals that he got a call from someone to abandon Angad and Sahiba somewhere and then put a blame on Sahiba, he got paid handsomely for that. Garry asks him where did he leave them and says Sahiba and Angad are in danger. Hansraj reminds how Garry had troubled Angad and Sahiba earlier. Garry says that is why he knows they are in danger and we need to help them. Family agrees. Seerat brings toast and tea for Angad. Angad refuses to have it. She tries to convince him with his lies. Drama continues..

Precap: Sahiba decides to change Angad’s face and identity. Goons catch Sahiba. Manveer, Jasleen, Prabjot, and Gurleen reach to save her.

Update Credit to: MA

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