Jhanak : Jhanak to Become a Model ?

The Episode starts with Jhanak arguing with everyone. She says what I did was right, if I sat in the car and went with Anirudh, then you would have insulted me, I m getting insulted even now, decide and tell me what to do. She goes. Tanuja says we gave her a place to stay here, this is how she talks to us. Bipasha says I will get tea. The lady says no, we will leave now, be careful of this girl. Shubh says please keep this to yourself. Anmol says don’t worry, we will not tell anyone. They leave. Shubh asks why did Anirudh stop the car and ask the maid to sit, how disgusting. Tanuja says Anirudh is so helping. Bipasha says he has to leave this innocence, that day he was so angry, and today he was giving her lift, I m confused, what does he want. Dadi says we will talk to Anirudh when he comes. Its morning, Bipasha greets Shubh. She checks the door. The man says we have come from Surya jewellers to meet Anirudh. Shubh asks them to have a seat. Anirudh meets them.

He asks what did you decide. The man says we have no choice, we will go with the one you referred. Anirudh says I didn’t any anything, you have decided this. The man says we got the permission from boss, we want confirmation from the candidate. Anirudh says okay, I will call her. He asks Bipasha to call Jhanak. Shubh asks what’s the matter. Anirudh says I will tell you later. Bipasha asks Jhanak to come, Anirudh is calling her outside. Jhanak says I don’t know them. Bipasha asks her to just come and meet them. Shubh says they are from a big jewellery brand, I wonder what work they have from Jhanak. Jhanak comes and greets. Anirudh says they have seen you in my office program, they want you to do modelling for their brand, they got the contract and the shoot is tomorrow.

The man says it’s a jewellery shoot with dance, it’s a good brand and good pay, please accept it. Jhanak says sorry, I can’t do this. Anirudh says you aren’t understanding, you performed in a public event, we invite many people and someone is selected from new face segment, if you refuse then I will have a problem. Shubh says I don’t think Anirudh is involved. Tanuja says he is involved. Anirudh says you had signed a contract before performing. Jhanak recalls and says but… The man says you will get good payment, its about our brand’s respect, we will make you our brand’s face, its not a small thing, you will get more offers. She says but I m not interested. Bipasha says she is illiterate, she is refusing to a big brand. She asks will you allow her.

Shubh and Tanuja say no, she has to leave this house, let them go, then we will explain her. The man shows the papers. Anirudh asks Jhanak to sign the contract. He says there won’t be any problem. Jhanak says I need the elders’ permission. He says I m giving you the permission, who else do you want to ask. The man says its 6am shoot, please agree. She says I didn’t do any shoot before. Anirudh says they will manage. The man says there is a small photoshoot, choreographer will teach you, we have no time, its urgent, we didn’t take your audition. Anirudh asks her to sign it. She signs it. The man gives her the money. She asks what’s this. He says advance. Anirudh signs her to take it. He says take it, it’s a formality, its fees for your performance.

He asks them to clear the payment tomorrow. The man says sure. He asks Bipasha to get tea. The man says no, we are in a hurry. He gives the agreement to Jhanak and says we will meet tomorrow. Anirudh asks them to come. He says the men have seen her in the new face segment and want to sign her as the model, Appu will also get many offers. Shubh says we won’t allow this. Anirudh says I have no connection with this, my company organizes shows, what can I do if she got an offer, if I refuse then it will be a breach of contract, my job will fall into danger, I was the event incharge that day, it’s a matter of one day. Bipasha says its not a good thing. Anirudh says no, she will do her work, don’t overthink. He scolds Jhanak and says its compulsory. She says I m a maid, I have no big dreams, this life isn’t for me. Shubh says your deal is signed, so you are saying this to show you are so great.

He says this won’t happen again, it’s the first and last time. Anirudh says of course, I couldn’t refuse, but you, if you get 1000 offers, you will reject it, remember. He goes. Shubh gets angry and goes. Tanuja asks Jhanak to get coffee for him. Bipasha says make tea and breakfast for me. Anjana comes to Jhanak. She says I m very happy for you, you will do modelling for them. Its morning, Bipasha sees a car coming. The driver says I have come to pick Jhanak Mam for the shoot. She asks him to wait. She goes and asks Jhanak to go, the car has come. Jhanak says I was refusing for the shoot. Choton says it’s a big chance, don’t miss it. He argues with Shubh. Dadi asks Jhanak when will you come back. Jhanak says I don’t know. Dadi asks who will do your work. Bipasha says you would have done all the work before going.

Anjana says she came to finish work, I told her that I will manage today, I used to handle everything before she came, Shyam takes many leaves, we don’t say anything to him, let Jhanak go for a day. Dadi says you do the work and then complain to Bablu also. Anjana says you know Appu troubles, I have to keep her in kitchen and control her, no one helps me, don’t I have right to speak to him. Dadi says you are talking a lot about your rights. Shubh says you just want a chance to cry. Tanuja says Jhanak is doing a drama, if she doesn’t go, then Anirudh will have problems. Anjana asks Jhanak to go.

Jhanak says I m ready, I can’t put Anirudh in trouble, but there is a problem here. Bipasha says look at her attitude, you had gone to the event, you are greedy. Choton stops her and says everyone wants to progress and become better, what’s wrong in it. Shubh asks why don’t you make yourself better. Choton says I try a lot, but I don’t succeed. Shubh says you aren’t successful. Jhanak looks at them. Choton asks her to come, the car is waiting.

Shrishti and Arshi come there and see Jhanak with Anirudh. Arshi asks what’s going on. Anirudh says I got food for Choton. Arshi argues. Jhanak says I m not anyone’s slave.

Update Credit to: Amena

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