Anupama 27th March : Anupamaa Traps & Catches Toshu !

Titu is about to apply color on Dimpy when Vanraj comes and pushes him, but the color falls down on Dimpy’s forehead and Titu falls down. Anupama comes to Titu’s rescue and asks him to go from there. Vanraj threatens to kill Titu and asks Anupama not to come between them. Titu looks at Dimpy and goes. Anupama says we shall think how to bring Toshu back. Babu ji asks Vanraj to come. Yashdeep asks Anupama if she is fine? She says everything is happening so fast that she doesn’t know if she is fine or not. She says the spice and chutney stall is doing good due to Vikrm Bhai Chaat and Pani puri. He asks if I can apply you color and says I am asking you so that you don’t feel bad. Anupama applies him color and says you can apply color on my face as it is holi. Yashdeep applies color on her face when Anuj and Vanraj sees them and gets upset and shocked.

Anupama sees a guy going towards Kinjal and Pari, with his face colored. Anupama catches him and holds his hand. He tries to run and Anuj makes him fall down. Anupama splashes water on his face. Everyone sees Toshu. Kinjal and Pari looks shocked. Pari runs to Toshu and hugs him, asks him not to go anywhere. Anupama sends her to have chaat with Rahul. Toshu runs to Kinjal and asks how is she? Kinjal says I thought that you love Pari and me but I was wrong and you eloped. Toshu says I love you both and that’s why I have come. Anupama tells that you didn’t come, but was brought here. She recalls making with Kinjal and others to force Vanraj to call him back. Fb ends. She says I know that you will come for Pari and Kinjal.

Toshu tries to run from there, but Anupama shouts calling him. He stops. Anupama tells that she has given birth to 3 kids, but he used to hurt her in her 6th month of pregnancy. She says then you used to hurt my body and now hurt my heart. She asks why? She asks what was missing in my love, upbringing, and values that my son has become betrayal, liar and selfish. She says atleast you would have been better father to his daughter. Toshu says I was scared, if they deport me and tells that he had gone after informing Papa, and asks for his help.

Anupama says you told your Papa..and says if everything gets fine She says Mr. Shah…I am taking your son to PS and ties his hand with her pallu. She says you will go to PS and surrender to Police. She asks did you think about me when the Police handcuffed me and insulted me. He asks her to open the pallu from his hand. Anupama says you have done a crime, if they will do your aarti. Toshu says I am apologizing to you, let me go. Anupama tells that the mother’s heart is delicate, but sometimes mother has to keep her heart strong. She says when the child does mistake then the mother shall get him punished. She says it will be good if you get punishment here in this world.

Toshu asks Anupama to let her go and asks Vanraj to say. Vanraj asks Anupama to leave him and says he has realize her mistake. Anupama asks what happens with realization, he will not mend his ways intentionally and has to make him right. Vanraj says I accept that you are right. Anupama asks him to move and says she will take him to the PS. Vanraj tells that people must have forgotten by now, that you had stolen the necklace. He says who will remember that waitress was arrested, and tells that she will not be honoured by American law, and tells that being the parents, they shall forgive their children.

Vanraj asks Anuj to say, and asks if he will send Aadhya to jail if she does wrong. Anuj tells that misbehavior and crime are different. Vanraj says their mother is same, and tells that both Toshu and Aadhya hurt Anupama. Anuj tells that Anupama has faced humiliation in the lock up. Vanraj tries to convince Anupama to ask Anuj to ask his client to take back the case. Anupama says she will not let Anuj take back the case, and says your son is guilty and I will get him punished, if you don’t move from my way then I will tell Police that you are supporting a criminal, then you will be in jail along with your son.

Precap: Anupama drags Toshu to take him to PS. Pari tells her friends that her Papa is back. Her friend says he is in jail for the theft. Anuj hears them. Pakhi asks what kind of mother you are? Anupama says best mother, Anupama.

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