Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd February 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode unfolds with Lakshmi expressing her uncertainty to Dadi about her decision to travel to Mumbai. Shalu advises Lakshmi to decline the offer, fearing that the trip will bring back painful memories. Despite Shalu’s insistence that Parvati can stay alone just like Rohan did, Dadi argues that they cannot leave Parvati alone in Mumbai. Lakshmi counters by stating that her presence in Mumbai could raise awareness about their program and provide students with new equipment. Shalu, however, urges Lakshmi to prioritize her own well-being over others.

The principal queries Lakshmi about her plans to depart for Mumbai the following day, to which she consents. Upon hearing this, the principal informs Rishi, who assures that he will be there to receive Lakshmi upon her arrival in Mumbai.

In a lighter moment, Parvati and Rohan engage in building a house of cards. Parvati requests Rohan to shut the windows, a task that Lakshmi undertakes. Lakshmi admires the card house and commends Rohan and Pravati for their effort.

Later, Lakshmi discloses to Parvati and Rohan that she and Parvati will be leaving for Mumbai the next day, a revelation that excites Parvati.

Seeing Parvati’s friends upset over her departure, Rohan steps in to console them. Parvati, too, reassures her friends later.

Ayush asks Rishi if Rohan is happy. Rishi says he is very happy. Ayush says until now whenever someone takes Lakshmi bhabhi’s name, you get affected. Rishi says I don’t understand and says tomorrow I am going to airport to see Lakshmi teacher and says everything will be clear tomorrow. Ayush asks what? Rishi says I feel Lakshmi is near me. Paro touches Lakshmi’s feet. Paro says daughters don’t touch their feet. Rohan touches Lakshmi, Shalu and Dadi’s feet. Paro asks why did you touch their feet. He says as Lakshmi teacher is going. Paro says you shall touch my feet also. Rohan says you are younger than me. Lakshmi ties holy thread on Rohan and Paro’s hands.

Rishi comes to Neelam and tells that Rohan said that he is happy and said that he will call you later and ended the call. Karishma says if someone else cut the call. Rishi says he only ended the call. He says he is happy as he got his sister in Lakshmi teacher’s daughter Paro. Karishma scolds Rishi for saying it proudly and asks how he can forget that they had suffered so much due to that illiterate and inauspicious Lakshmi. Neelam says she is worried that Rohan has never stayed alone till now. Anushka says last year he had gone for picnic. Neelam says but he came in the evening. Karishma scolds Rishi. Dadi gets upset and asks Rishi to give a sky to fly for Rohan.

In the bus, Paro asks Lakshmi about the traffic as the city comes, and then asks if her father is here. She says Rohan’s Dad is good, if she had dad like him, then he would have never left her and she wouldn’t have stayed without him. Lakshmi asks Paro, if I don’t love you and care for you. Paro says you are a good mother, but a child needs both his parents and that’s why God made their Jodi. She says you are really a good mother and says sorry, asking if she is sad. Lakshmi says no. Rohan calls Rishi and tells that Paro’s mother takes care of him like his own mother, and says now he is alone. Rishi asks shall I come and take you. Rohan says no. Dadi says they will come soon. Lakshmi thinks of Rishi. Rishi also thinks of Lakshmi.

Precap: Principal asks Shalu if Lakshmi reached there. Shalu says yes, she has reached. Lakshmi coughs in the bus. Rishi is in his car and looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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