Udaariyaan 16th April 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh hitting the punching bag in anger, recalling Tejo’s words. Buzo looks on. Fateh asks why does my fate play games with me, am I so bad, fine I m bad, but Tejo, what did she do, she isn’t bad, Angad is cheating her, he ruined her respect and he is acting like he cares for her. Angad and Tejo exchange the rings. Tejo recalls Fateh.

Rupy says Fateh’s presence in Tejo’s life was like a bad omen, pandit was right, I m happy that Fateh left from her life forever, I wish she stays happy. Someone rings the bell at Virk house. Amrik checks and gets a wedding invite. He gets shocked seeing Tejo and Angad’s wedding invite. Gurpreet cries seeing it. Khushbeer asks what is it, tell me. She says Tejo’s wedding card. He checks. Biji asks with whom. Khushbeer says with Angad.

She says everything got ruined. Bau ji says they lost their love for their families sake. Khushbeer says we should have not spoken to them that way, we had to punish Jasmin, but we punished Tejo and ourselves. Gurpreet says she can never stay happy in this marriage. Mahi says things never got fine. Simran says that video broke their relation. Gurpreet asks Khushbeer to talk to Rupy. He says he won’t listen to anyone. Mahi says Fateh’s heart broke because of the families enmity. She asks Amrik to do something. Amrik says I should have not let Fateh break the roka. He thinks of Jasmin and calls her. He says we got Tejo’s wedding card. She says Angad would have sent it. He says Tejo won’t be happy, Fateh is framed, please explain her, I know she is marrying for Rupy’s happiness. She tells some plan.

Angad says you can take as much time as you want, I m ready to wait, but will you get the mehendi with a sad face, its imp that we do everything happily. She says don’t worry, dad will always see me smiling. Jasmin lies to sleep. She sees Tejo. She asks are you happy. Tejo asks why, aren’t you happy.

Jasmin says your happiness is with Fateh, then why are you marrying Angad. Tejo says don’t worry, my thinking isn’t working, who shall I trust and who not. Jasmin says maybe you are right, its happening right for you, you are right, Fateh has just given you sorrow, but Angad will keep you happy, he is the best for you, congrats. She hugs Tejo.

Jasmin meets Fateh outside the house. Fateh asks what did you tell her that she took the right decision. Jasmin says yes. He asks what game are you playing. She says she would have thrown me out of the room, so I said she is doing right, I don’t know for who I m doing this, you are stepping back, then what shall I do. He says Tejo hates me, its because of my deeds, I ruined everything in anger, I deserve this. He says stop it Majnu, stop cursing yourself, Angad isn’t deserving of her, what’s the big deal if she says she hates you, she said I love you many times, show her the truth, I m here to help you. He asks why shall I believe you. She says you can doubt you, I m doing this because I want to come back home and stay happy with Amrik, and see Tejo happy, just I want to unite Tejo and you, Angad will take Tejo away. Fateh says Tejo doesn’t want to marry me. She says think well, you have to stop their marriage and make your place once again, focus on them, I will see how to get your colour on Tejo.

Its morning, Satti and Lovely see arrangements. Angad says don’t make mushrooms, else I will have to sit in washroom. He offers help. Jasmin says I will call the mehendi artist. Angad says I have arranged the mehendi artist from Lucknow. Jasmin says when you have arranged everything, then we can’t refuse. He says I will pick him and come. Jasmin gets an idea and calls. She tells her plan.


Angad is on the way. He gets a call and says I m coming to pick you. Some goons stop him on the way. Angad shouts are you blind, you fools. Fateh comes home in disguise. Fateh says we are from Lucknow for mehendi and Khawwali. Abhiraj says Angad didn’t tell us. Jasmin says it maybe a surprise. Satti says Angad had praised you a lot, where is he. Fateh says he will come in the evening. Jasmin takes Fateh with her. she says I have sent Amrik and Buzo to handle Angad, Tejo will get your mehendi.

Fateh says I want to tell Tejo that I didn’t do anything wrong with her, she has always forgiven me, I want to apologize, won’t people feel strange that Angad isn’t here. Jasmin says Angad will come somehow, don’t worry. Angad is tied up somewhere. Jasmin meets Amrik and Buzo. Amrik says our time is running bad. Jasmin says we have to keep Angad tied, until Tejo gets her mehendi. Angad sees Jasmin there. He thinks my doubt is right, Jasmin did this. Fateh sees Tejo coming. He thinks I will clear all the misunderstandings, Tejo is mine and will always be mine.

Tejo is lost. Fateh gives his name for the mehendi. Angad frees himself from the ropes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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