Udaariyaan 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Jass saying I got the law and legal papers with me, I carry the trump card with me, marriage registration paper. Khushbeer says you can’t take Tejo, you looted and ran away with your greedy mum. Jass says I told you the entire Ramayana, you are asking who is the Raavan, keep your anger down. Fateh shouts. Tejo stops them. She says tell me why did you come, I want to know what’s going on in your mind. Jass says I explained you, I will come to take you, I m not saying anything that they have kept my wife here as their bahu, don’t get angry Fateh, your blood is hot, just like mine, even my blood boils. Fateh scolds him. He asks what do you want, Tejo won’t go from here. Jass asks what happens to you, the entire pind knows that you love her younger sister, do you get goosebumps hearing her name, is everything fine. He laughs. Tejo says stop the nonsense, come to the point, why did you come. Jass says I came to take you following a legal way, uncle ji would have 2-3 years left, will you send him and mummy to jail. Fateh says stay away from my mum. Jass pushes him and says you stay away from my wife, how does this fire come out when I take her name, did any night you both crossed those boundaries.

Fateh gets angry and catches his collar. Khushbeer and Amrik stop Fateh. Jass scolds them. He says I will file one complaint, you all, Virks Sandhus will go to the jail. Fateh says your case won’t stay in the court for 2 mins. Jass asks if the case doesn’t reach the court for 6 days, then…. the court is closed for 6 days, ask them. Khushbeer says I will go to jail for my daughter, come. Tejo says no, you won’t go anywhere. Khushbeer says don’t stop me today, you have given many tests as a daughter, its a father’s turn today. She says no, please, I know how to deal with him. He asks what will you do. She says whatever, I won’t let my family go to jail, I will talk to him in his language. She says I will leave this house, but I will not go with you, you have a problem with Fateh and my marriage, I won’t stay in this house. Khushbeer asks what are you saying. Tejo says don’t stop me, I will go to my house, my parents’ house, you tell that I m your wife, which law states that a wife can’t get upset with her husband and go to her Maayka. Jass sees Jasmin. Jasmin stares back. Tejo says I will teach you law, I will file a case against you, I will file a case of fraud, of domestic violence, then we will see who goes to the jail, you or my family. Jasmin thinks she is smarter than Jass, its fine, she is leaving this house. Tejo says you will fail today also. Jass says fine, I will bear your tantrums, I won’t move until you leave this house.

Tejo says fine, you stay here and wait for me, don’t dare to argue with my family, don’t try to act smart. She goes to her room. Everyone cries. Jasmin goes. Fateh holds Khushbeer. Jass says sorry, my wife will win, then we will go, please wait outside. Tejo packs her clothes. Jasmin says I m really feeling bad for you, when Fateh isn’t yours, what is the use to hit head in front of others, you have spent beautiful moments with Fateh, Lord snatched a lot from you. Tejo recalls Fateh and cries. Jasmin says this bag looks small, Jass will know you are fooling him. Tejo says leave this on me, stop interfering in my work. Jasmin says don’t worry, I told Fateh that after you leave, we both will get married, Jass will not trouble you then. She goes. Tejo cries. She comes out with her bag. Khushbeer says Tejo, all this… She says its necessary, don’t worry, I won’t let him succeed in his motive, I have fought big battles, I will fight this one also, I have six days to bring him to the path, when I m here, nothing can trouble my family. Everyone cries. Tejo hugs Gurpreet and everyone. Tejo takes her bag and leaves. Fateh recalls Tejo and cries. Jasmin thinks you left this house in real sense now.

Tejo is with her family. Rupy says its our mistake, we could have not seen this day if we fixed it before. Jass knocks the door. He shouts and says its me, Jass, won’t you all welcome me. Harman and Rupy get angry. Tejo says no, he wants this to happen, stop. Jass says I will sit here, Rupy you are greedy and got Tejo married to Fateh just for money, you should have sent Jasmin also, buy one get one free. Abhiraj says let this dog bark. Jass kicks the door. Tejo says Abhiraj, open the door. Satti says he did so much with us. Tejo says we will get defamed in the pind, please control yourselves, its my request, its a matter of six days. Tejo goes and opens the gate. Jass smiles seeing her. He says you have no respect for me, you want to welcome Jamai with sticks/rods. He taunts them. He asks Tejo to come in. Abhiraj says leave her hand. Jass says she is my wife. Abhiraj beats him. Rupy and Harman beat him with the sticks.

Tejo shouts and asks them to stop. Police comes. Tejo worries. Police stops the fight. Inspector says arrest them. Tejo says no, Jass is lying. They all shout and ask Inspector to arrest Jass. Inspector says I have seen who was doing what. Jass says they have kidnapped my wife. Abhiraj asks what wife. Jass says I was a bad person before, I m a nice man now. Tejo says shut up, its his stories, Sir trust me, he is lying. Jass shows the papers. He says she is my wife. Biji says he can’t force her. Inspector asks did he touch you all, did he hurt your family, I can see who has beaten, I will arrest them for the fight, else I will arrest them charging with a criminal case. Jass says they are emotional, put them in lockup for few days. Inspector says take them. Rupy, Harman, Navraj and Abhiraj are taken to the jeep. Rupy says Tejo don’t worry, call Fateh. Tejo, Satti and Lovely cry. Jass smiles.


Update Credit to: Amena

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