Bhagya Lakshmi 26th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lakshmi and her sisters cleaning the room. Lakshmi asks when we will go to garden tomorrow. Bani says I will wake up at 11 am, as tomorrow is Sunday. Lakshmi says ok. Shalu asks her not to spoil Bani. Lakshmi finds the divorce papers in her purse, and tells that she met Rishi today, he helped me as I got in trouble. She says she felt as if he was same like before, he stood by me. She says people proved me wrong and called me liar, but Rishi proved them wrong and fought for me. She says when he was going, he had dropped these papers, I was thinking to return these papers to him. She says we will go there first and then will go to garden.

Shalu asks will you go there? Lakshmi says Rishi supported me, I shall go there to return his papers. Bani says ok. Rano reads the tarot info forecast in the newspaper and gets happy. Lakshmi comes to her and tells that she has forgotten to give her some papers. She gives her some papers. Rano looked at the divorce papers and gets shocked. Lakshmi says it is Rishi’s papers, I am going to return to him. She goes. Bani and Shalu come there. Rano asks did you see the papers? Bani says no.

Sonia tells Karishma that she met Lakshmi and saw Rishi on the same spot. She says he was behaving as if they were newly wedding couple. Karishma asks what happened about those divorce papers. Sonia sees Neelam and Ayush coming and asks Karishma not to talk infront of them. Neelam asks where is Virender? Sonia says he is with Dadi and will eat later. Neelam says I had talked to Pandit ji and he told that Rishi has danger with iron. Karishma asks her to relax. Neelam says for next 7 days, Markesh dosh is high on Rishi. Rishi comes there.

Rano thinks what shall I do, Rishi haven’t signed on it. She thinks Virender will hug her and Neelam will convince her, and Lakshmi will agree to stay there and my dreams will be shattered. She thinks I won’t let her anger calm down and thinks she won’t let them compromise. She thinks to do something and makes a phone call to Neelam. Karishma asks Neelam why she is calling you.

Neelam says it is not important. Rano then calls Rishi and says you have showed me attitude and told that you will sign and give it to Lakshmi. Rishi says I had forgotten. Rano says Lakshmi is garbage and the papers are waste, and says you made the divorce papers fell down. She says lakshmi brought it here, and asks him to sign on the papers. Rishi ends the call. Neelam asks what happened? Rishi thinks I shall talk to Lakshmi and goes.

Lakshmi is in the auto and feels strange. Rishi is in the car and thinks he shall sign on the papers and free her. He thinks why I am sad, and asks himself if he don’t want to go away from Lakshmi and break off with her. Lakshmi asks herself why is she feeling bad. Rishi thinks to handle later. Lakshmi’s auto and Rishi’s car stops at the signal, but they don’t see each other.


Lakshmi comes to the Oberoi house. Sanjay greets her. Lakshmi asks how are you? He says I am fine, but everyone is sad without you. He goes to call everyone. Lakshmi steps inside the house and recalls going out. Karishma stops her and asks her to go back, and says there is no place for you here. Lakshmi says you are thinking me wrong, I haven’t returned. Sonia asks what are you doing here? Lakshmi says she came to meet Rishi. Karishma says he is not at home.

Rishi comes to Rano’s house and asks for Lakshmi. Rano says she is not here. He says you have called me. Sonia misbehaves with Lakshmi. Lakshmi politely asks her to talk with manners. Karishma asks her to get out. Lakshmi says I came for some work here. Karishma says Rishi is not here, so leave. Virender comes there and sees Lakshmi. He calls her. Lakshmi stops and comes to Virender. Virender gets teary eyes and asks how are you? He says without you, I…..Lakshmi says I know, you was not talking. Virender says I got life back now. Lakshmi hugs him. Virender cries and says sorry. He asks her to forgive him.

Rano tells Rishi that Lakshmi went to give the divorce papers and says your family was misunderstanding me, so Lakshmi said that she will give the papers herself and will end this relation herself, and also will end all the misunderstandings. Rishi runs from there.

Rano says I will also come with you and runs behind him. Virender asks lakshmi if she is fine. Karishma and Sonia come to him. Virender asks them to shut up and says he saw how Sonia was behaving with Lakshmi. Karishma says she was handling her. Sonia says Lakshmi will make us feel bad. Ayush says she is Lakshmi Bhabhi. Sonia argues with Ayush. Lakshmi says leave it Ayush.

Sonia blames Lakshmi for separating the family members, provoking her dad and now making her brother against her. She tells Lakshmi that she is wonderful. Virender asks her, from where did you learn this, and says don’t forget that she is my daughter. Sonia says then who am I? Karishma says you are very bad Lakshmi. Lakshmi says I accept that I am bad and says she don’t want them to fight, and says she came for some work. Dadi, Ahana and Devika come home. They hug Lakshmi.

Lakshmi touches Dadi’s feet. Dadi blesses her. Lakshmi hugs her. Ahana and devika hug her. Devika asks where is your stuff? Lakshmi says I haven’t come here to stay. Neelam comes downstairs. Lakshmi says I came to meet Rishi, but as he is not here, I will go myself, nobody needs to throw me out. Neelam asks Lakshmi what is your work with Rishi.

Rishi tells Rano that he has forgotten the keys. Rano asks him to get it. She pretends to make a phone call and tell that Rishi and his family are thinking that Lakshmi will give divorce for free, but since Lakshmi went to that house, she is waiting for the chance so that Rishi does some mistake, and Lakshmi can ask crores for alimony. She says something might have happened between them that Lakshmi told that she will go there herself. She tells that she is going to support Lakshmi. She says Rishi is having an affair with Malishka. Rishi is hurt hearing whatever Rano told.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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