Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lakhan saying we share a connection of pain. Raghav thinks of Josh and Marisha. He worries. Kapil asks him not to worry, everything will be managed. Raghav thinks I won’t let anything wrong happen with Prachi. Lakhan gifts jewellery to Prachi and Pihu from Monica’s side. Prachi says thanks, but it was not needed.

He says its needed, I didn’t give you the love and care you deserved, I have always wished happiness for you. He gives a necklace to Pihu also. She asks him to let the things go on as always. He says I m also used to your taunts. He says Prachi, if anything wrong happens and you feel you need me, come to me, I will always stand by you. Prachi cries. He hugs her.

Raghav says I have to find the truth some way, what shall I do. Prachi says I wished that dad accepts me as his daughter, I want to marry Josh, I fell in love with Josh. Pihu says you don’t fall into this valley. She jokes and hugs Prachi. Raghav sees Prachi. Lakhan sees Avni. Monica says I read your letters, I didn’t know you love Avni so much, its strange, I cried on reading your letters.

He says I didn’t have hope that I will get my love, it has just given me pain. Raghav calls Marisha. Angad asks him to come for performance. They both dance on Jogi Mahi. Everyone dances. Raghav thinks to talk to Marisha. Lakhan dances with Prachi. They smile. Marisha comes. Josh looks on. Pihu asks how did you come suddenly. Raghav thinks to find the truth.

He goes after Marisha. She asks what is it. He says its time to bring out Josh’s truth, Prachi is getting married to him, I can’t forgive myself if he isn’t a nice guy. She says he can keep her happy. He says no, her life will get ruined, she is my best friend, I care for her, please tell his truth in front of everyone. She says okay. He asks her to come. Josh and Prachi dance on Janam Janam…

Raghav claps and scolds Josh. He says I can’t deny the truth, Marisha is pregnant and Josh is her baby’s father. Everyone is shocked. He says Marisha will tell you the truth, stop this marriage. Sid scolds him. Raghav says I m their loyal servant, its my duty to protect them. He asks Lakhan to stop the marriage, else Prachi’s life will get ruined. He asks Marisha to tell everyone what Josh did. Lakhan asks Marisha is it true. Marisha worries. She says I m pregnant, Josh is the baby’s father. Everyone is shocked.

Raghav says now the truth is out, please save Prachi. Lakhan says I heard it and understood also. He angrily slaps Raghav. Pihu asks what are you doing. Lakhan says what is right for Prachi. He asks since when is this going on, since when do you like Prachi, is it going on since I made you protect her, I gave this duty to you, I made you my right hand, you are a servant’s daughter, answer me, since when do you like Prachi, answer me.

Josh asks him to calm down. Lakhan says this is the difference between you and Josh. Sid says its good that Josh told Raghav’s truth before. Lakhan says thanks for showing me his true face, Josh told me that Raghav wrote love letters for Prachi. He asks Raghav to answer, he wrote love letters for Prachi. Sid reads the poetry. Prachi says Josh wrote this for me. Josh says sorry, Raghav wrote it, he said he will help me in impressing you, I didn’t know that he loves you. Prachi says no, this can’t happen.

Marisha says Raghav, you love Prachi, you promised me that you are mine, I lied and blamed Josh, you said you will marry me and accept our baby. Raghav asks what. She scolds him. Josh and Raghav argue. Lakhan and Sid scold Raghav. Prachi defends Raghav. She says he just cares for me as a friend. Lakhan says I want to hear this from him. Prachi says Raghav, say the truth, Josh can’t cheat me. He gets silent.

Josh says tell her that you love her. Prachi says tell them it’s a lie. Josh pushes Raghav on the floor and scolds him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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