BhagyaLakshmi 28th August 2023 Written Episode Update

Lakshmi walks in with sweets to celebrate Rishi’s wedding, but Neelam mocks her gratitude before she can depart. However, when trying to exit, Virendera halts Lakshmi.

Lakshmi hears from Virendra that he desires his son’s wedding to be an unforgettable occasion. Harleen interjects, requesting Lakshmi take on the responsibility of planning Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. Neelam objects, insisting professionals could handle it better than Lakshmi. Despite this, Harleen notes that tradition is important and asks Lakshmi to stay on until the nuptials. Virendra and Harleen hope that the wedding will be a unique and special event for all in attendance. Karishma accuses Virendra and Harleen of going to great lengths to keep Lakshmi in the house despite her impending departure for work. However, Lakshmi insists to Harleen and Virendra that she simply cannot stay as she has a job to attend to.

Ayush inquires if Rishi has any objections, to which he responds that he doesn’t. Virendra tells Lakshmi he’ll communicate with her employer while Harleen asks if Lakshmi could grant her plea. Meanwhile, Ayush slyly warns Malishka that opposing Rishi would result in her being viewed as a villain and asks if she has any objections. After some hesitation, Malishka agrees to let Lakshmi take charge of her and Rishi’s union.

By emotionally manipulating Lakshmi, Virendra and Harleen convince her to bear the weight of Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. Lakshmi, feeling trapped, agrees to take on the responsibility and decides to stay overnight, stating that she has work obligations to attend to prior. Virendra consents and Lakshmi takes off from there.

Shalu expresses disappointment to Bani that Lakshmi is leaving the Oberoi mansion to go to work after receiving a call from her. In reaction to this news, Shalu and Bani engage in a discussion about Lakshmi’s decision.

Karishma warns Virendra and Harleen that if Lakshmi returns, Rishi’s life will be jeopardized. Disagreeing with Neelam, Harleen asserts that she wouldn’t have allowed Lakshmi to leave the house or end her marriage if she wanted to oppose her. Additionally, Harleen defends Lakshmi’s character, stating that she often prevents others from facing adversity, like how she’s saved Rishi on numerous occasions.

Nevertheless, Neelam begs Harleen not to betray her by reintroducing Lakshmi into their home. Lakshmi’s selflessness is admired by Harleen who points out that it is the reason why she agreed to marry Vikrant, according to Everyone. Virendra and Rishi seem perplexed and inquire about the topic. Harleen turns to Rishi and questions his faith in Lakshmi.

Rishi expressed to Harleen that he places more trust in Lakshmi than in himself. In response, Harleen conveyed to Rishi that Lakshmi reciprocates this trust and believes in him more than herself. Harleen further revealed that despite Rishi’s warning about Vikrant’s character, Lakshmi still chose to marry him in order to bring peace to the household. However, Karishma objected to this and accused Lakshmi of scheming.

Virendra reminded everyone of the incident during the wedding ceremony when Lakshmi sensed danger to Rishi’s safety, but her concerns were dismissed. Consequently, she agreed to go through with the marriage. Upon hearing Harleen’s account, Rishi realized the extent of Lakshmi’s sacrifices for him and his family, prompting him to leave the room. Malishka followed him.

Karishma and Neelam engaged in a heated argument with Harleen, accusing her of pushing Rishi towards Lakshmi. Neelam also challenged Harleen’s ability to prove Lakshmi’s alleged cunning nature.

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