Chashni : Sanjot Shoots Chandni!

The Episode starts with Sanjot asking Chandni to give her the gun. She pushes Roshni. She says you both can’t do anything, I will kill Roshni by this gun’s bullets. Raunaq comes in front and says no. She asks him to move aside. Chandni comes in front and gets shot. Raunaq and Roshni get shocked. Chandni dies. Roshni cries and asks her to get up.

Sanjot says now I will tell the police that Roshni has killed Chandni, how did you like it. Raunaq gets angry. She says don’t force me to kill you, do one thing, bury Chandni’s dead body somewhere, make me the owner of Babbar industries, and get the imp papers from the locker, Chandni made my work easy, I will get 100% of the property.

She scolds him. He gets angry. She tells her plan. She says I want your shares. She asks Roshni why is she crying when she was Chandni’s enemy. She says forget Chandni. Raunaq takes Chandni in his arms and leaves. Roshni says you will get punished for this. Sanjot says don’t worry for me, but for your baby. Raunaq gets Chandni to the room, and asks her to stop the drama, get up.

Chandni gets up and says this backup plan was mine, we should tell the truth to Roshni, she would be panicking, she doesn’t trust me. He says she will trust us, I will talk to her, she will be safe until I sign the papers, Sanjot has killed you and when she signs, she can’t go from here, she will confess the crime herself, are you okay. She says yes, don’t worry. He says stay here, don’t come out, I will take care of Roshni. She says take care of yourself. She applies some mud marks on Raunaq’s tshirt.

Raunaq comes with the papers. Sanjot smiles. She takes the papers and asks him to sleep in peace. She leaves. Roshni cries and says Chandni gave her life for my sake, she died. He says stop crying, come with me. He takes her to his room. She says please take me to the place where you buried Chandni. Chandni comes. Roshni smiles and hugs her. She asks are you fine, how, Sanjot shot you. Chandni says calm down, sit first. Raunaq gets a glass of water for Roshni.

Roshni asks how did this happen. Chandni tells her plan. She says you didn’t trust us, we were ready for her attack. Raunaq says that gun had fake bullets, you are upset with Chandni because of Nirbhay, its not her mistake, I also felt Chandni is wrong, but not now, love your sister as before, forget the past and move on.

Roshni apologizes. Chandni gives her the anklet. They smile. They hug. Chandni says no one can harm us. They hold hands. Sanjot says I have to leave this country and go abroad soon. She packs her bag. She takes a selfie. The lights go off. She sees Chandni’s ghost. She shouts to Roshni. Raunaq and Roshni smile. Sanjot says I have seen Chandni here. Roshni says you killed her, you shouldn’t get scared. Chandni scares Sanjot.

Sanjot says sorry Chandni, I wanted to kill Roshni. Chandni asks why. Sanjot apologizes. Sumer asks her to stop it. She says it means it was your plan to make me confess.

Update Credit to: Amena

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