Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Bhosle’s Are Humiliated !

Swati confronts Yashwant for lying about Savi’s family. She asks where is Savi’s rich are reputed family, they would have come for their daughter’s reception, everyone would have to meet them. Reeva asks her to stop it. Swati says she really wants to meet Savi’s family. Yashwant acts and asks what is wrong if Savi’s family didn’t attend the function. Swati says the truth is Savi doesn’t have a family at all. Yashwant asks if he is lying. Swati asks him to prove that she is lying, it looks like he is a habitual liar. Reeva asks her again to stop. Swati says Savi is a poor girl who works in a cafe. Reeva warns her to stop lying as Savi is a student and Bhosale family DILs don’t work outside.

Swati asks why did she get Ishaan married to a mere waitress and rejected well-educated Reeva. Yashwant shouts at her to stop lying, his DIL doesn’t work anywhere. Swati asks Tatya to show the video which he was showing his wife some time ago. Savi is shocked to see Tatya. Tatya lies that he doesn’t have any video and doesn’t know what she is talking about. Swati says Pune’s all liars are under one roof today. Yashwant says just because he didn’t get her daughter Reeva married to Ishaan, she is trying to tarnish their image. Swati asks Savi to tell the truth. Surekha also insists Savi to tell the truth.

Savi agrees that she works in a cafe as a waitress, leaving everyone shocked. Surekha asks her not to lie. Savi says it’s true that she works in a care. Reporter grins and comments Bhosale family DIL is a cafe waitress, interesting. Anvi tells Durva that Savi should have thought about their reputation. Durva says a dog can’t digest ghee, Savi can’t get out of her poor mentality, soon she will be expelled out of their house. Savi says she wanted to inform them about it. Yashwant says let’s discuss about this issue later and enjoy the party.

Minister’s wife asks Savi why she is working in a cafe. Durva’s friend asks is it because her scholarship is canceled. Minister asks Savi if she is working in a cafe to pay her fees as her scholarship is canceled, asks Yashwant why did he cancel his DIL’s scholarship. Yashwant says he just followed college’s rule. Nishi says the dinner is ready, let’s all have dinner first. Yashwant says let’s talk while having dinner. Reporter stops Yashwant and asks him to clear the confusion right here as he called them here to cover the reception. All guests tongue lash Bhosales for advocating girls’ education and themselves stopping their DIL from studying.

Savi asks them to stop alleging her family as she herself rejected Ishaan’s given cheque to pay her fees, but she chose a waitress job as it fits her ideology. Reporter asks why didn’t she inform her in-laws then and went against them. Swati says Savi doesn’t have money and fears that her in-laws snatched her scholarship and may even snatch her job. Reporter asks Ishaan if he knew that his wife is working as a waitress. Ishaan says it’s their personal issue. Reporter says it’s not personal where a girl has to work hiding to fund her studies. Another reporter asks minister if he supports this ideology. Minister says he condemns such ideology and is shocked to see an educationist’s family, he would stay in such a play even for a second. He leaves from there while Bhosales plead him to stop.

Savi confronts journalist to give verdict by twisting facts without listening to the other person. Yashwant stops her and asks everyone to leave as the party is over. Guests walk away. Swati tells Ishaan that he deserves a wife like Savi who doesn’t bother about his family’s reputation and Surekha deserves a DIL who is from a cheap and mannerless family. Savi warns her that she doesn’t have any right to speak about her or her family.

Precap: Surekha and Yashwant tongue lash Savi for ruining their family’s dignity. Surekha calls Savi and her family as opportunistic. Savi warns her to dare not speak ill about her family. Surekha tries to hit her and falls down.

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