Jhanak 21st March : Jhanak Humiliated at Event !

The Episode starts with the man saying lets play the video once more. Choton thinks I will always remember this day, I want Anirudh to come, I m sure he will come. Anirudh is on the way. Jhanak smiles. Choton thinks congrats, its just the start. He gets Anirudh’s call. Anirudh asks did the program start. Choton says yes, you said you will come, come soon. Anirudh says no one should know that I m coming there, Arshi and Shrishti won’t like it. Choton says they are sitting in front row. Anirudh asks did they come there.

Cohoton says you can come. Anirudh says yes, I m tired of answering them, I want Jhanak to get successful, I want to stay away from limelight, what shall I do. Choton says just come, I m happy to see Jhanak. Anirudh says fine, I m coming, I will sit in the back seat, don’t call me. Choton says come, they can ask anything to Jhanak, just come soon. Anirudh says okay, I will come. Everyone claps for Jhanak. The man asks Shrishti to come on stage. He says her name is enough, we have Arshi here.

Shrishti and Arshi go on stage. The man calls Brij on the stage. Brij also goes and speaks a few words to give good wishes to the company. Surya thanks him. Shrishti says I will handle this girl, don’t worry. The man calls Shaurovi, Arnav and Shanaya on the stage. Arnav asks is this your first time. Jhanak says yes. He says your ad will be very successful. The reporter asks Surya about the message of social awareness. Surya answers them.

Anirudh comes and thinks Jhanak, you touch the heights, you can answer every person who has hurt you. Jhanak takes the mic and says I have spoken on mic once only till now, forgive me if I make a mistake, this ad shows me as a dancer, dance is a way for me to stay healthy and happy. Everyone smiles and claps. She says its my life’s first big chance, and maybe last one also, I don’t know what will happen with me in future, I m here, the credit goes to Anirudh Bose, he trusts me and he gave me this chance, he isn’t here, I want to thank him, I respect him a lot, I can never forget this day, I want to give my respect and love to Shrishti and Arshi, I want your blessings. She says I pray that this ad becomes much successful, and one more person is here, who has supported me, he helped me silently, I regard him Kaka, thank you Choton. Anirudh smiles. Jhanak says my greetings and respect to you also. Everyone claps. Choton happily cries.

Reporter asks Surya why didn’t he case Arshi. Surya says we wanted a new face and Jhanak is perfect for the ad, we will definitely work with Arshi in future, Jhanak is beautiful and talented, she is an amazing dancer. Jhanak smiles. Everyone claps. The reporter asks Shrishti what does she want to say.

Shrishti says these brand always gives a social message, they want to show that they give a chance to everyone, be it anyone, no one knows Jhanak’s truth, she got selected because she is a maid. Everyone is shocked. Shrishti says I got to know that Jhanak is Anirudh’s house maid, he is very nice, he helps everyone, he gave this gift to Jhanak. Jhanak cries.

Shrishti insults her. She says it might be the first and last evening for her, one needs proper training to dance, it’s a lifelong experience, it was education, she can never cross this journey, its impossible for her, so this moment is imp to her, just beauty isn’t imp to work in ads, one should have charm, education should reflect on face, I applaud the company to spend their time, money and energy, Jhanak is here, if we could do this for a maid, then it’s a big thing, right Jhanak? It’s a big social message given by this company, congrats. Brij smiles. The man says its great, it’s a new example of social work, we didn’t know Jhanak’s history, we have Arshi here.

Arshi says Jhanak serves me snacks and fresh juice when I go to Anirudh’s house, she does cleaning well, her life had much struggles, her mom committed suicide. Jhanak cries. Arshi says Anirudh got Jhanak home to make her a maid, since then she is working as a maid in his house. Anirudh and Choton look on. Arshi says we are finding a good alliance for her, so that she spends her life well after marriage, how long will she spend a maid’s life, pray for her and give your good wishes. She taunts Jhanak. They look at everyone.

The reporter says Jhanak, did you think you will get this platform, no maid has got such a chance, you thanked Anirudh, what are your plans, will you start a new career. Jhanak replies in English. Everyone smiles. Jhanak says I do think so that I will be able to live another day like this ever in my life, but I would like to go against Shrishti to say this. Arshi and Shrishti get angry. Jhanak says my mother was a great dancer, her name, Urvashi Raina, Shrishti is my Maasi.
Shrishti says I have found a prince for you. Jhanak is shocked seeing….


Update Credit to: Amena

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