Rabb Se Hai Dua 26th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Ruhaan comes to Dua and says I am in pain, I am worried about Gazal. What if anything happened to her today? she doesn’t care about herself, she needs some support in her life, we should find a permanent solution for this. Dua says what do you mean? Ruhaan is about to tell her that he loves her but Dadi comes there and tells Dua that she needs to talk to her, she takes her from there. Ruhaan says I know Dua can get me married to Gazal, I love her a lot and I know she does too, she needs me.

Dua brings Dua to storeroom. She tells Dua that someone is eavesdropping on us, we talked about throwing Gazal out of the house today only and the doctor said today that she can’t be left today. This is not a coincidence. Dua says why would Gazal lie? Dadi says you do not want to see what Gazal wants but come to your senses and save your life.

Gazal wakes up and glares at Hina sleeping beside her. She says I want to kill you right now but I want to give you a painful death. Gulnaz comes there to Gazal takes her side. Gulnaz hugs her and says you did such good acting today. Gazal says you came here to praise me? what if someone sees us together? go back and have some patience. Gulnaz says I am just excited. She leaves from there.

Gulnaz is humming to herself when Dua comes to her. She says why are you awake at this time? shouldn’t you be sleeping? how did you find out that Gazal drowned in the tub? Gulnaz says I don’t want to talk to you. Dua asks her to get some more sleeping pills, she leaves from there. Gulnaz is angry.

Dua comes outside Gazal’s room and thinks I hope Dadi is wrong, I don’t want Gazal to think bad for the family but I can’t ignore Dadi’s guts, I have to find out the truth. Gazal sees her outside the room and thinks she might be doubting me, I have to do something before she finds out anything.

Scene 2
In the morning, Ruhaan brings breakfast for Hina and smiles at Gazal sleeping. Hina notices it and says this is surprising that you brought breakfast for me? I know why you are here, I know you made this coffee for Gazal, I will give it to her. Ruhaan smiles and leaves. Hina says Ruhaan likes Gazal? this is good, Gazal doesn’t need to leave the house now. Dadi comes there and asks her to stop thinking like this, this girl is fake and a drama. Hina asks her to be silent, she might listen. Dadi says we will talk about it later on, lets go for prayers for now. Hina leaves. Gazal acts like sleeping.

Dadi glares at her and says I have to take care of her. She asks Gazal to wake up. Gazal wakes up and greets her. Dadi says you are our guest and I want to say that you have been living here for some days, we gave you respect but now you should leave us. I can rent out a house for you and you can get your house repaired. Gazal glares at her and says I won’t leave. Dadi says my rules work here and if I said you will go then you will. Gazal says Haider brought me here so I won’t go. Dadi says he can’t deny my orders, if I said you leave then get lost. Gazal says this house is run by Haider, you can’t throw me out.

Dadi says how dare you talk to me like this? you are our guest otherwise I would have mauled your face. I will show you what I can do. She brings her luggage and starts packing it. Dua comes there and asks what is going on? Dadi shouts that this girl is not ready to leave the house and dared misbehave with me. Gazal shouts that your Dadi has gone crazy. Dua shouts at her to stop.. you are talking about my Dadi and how dare you talk like this? Gazal says I respect her.

Dua says enough, you have said a lot. Dadi tells Dua that this girl can’t stay here, this woman is poisonous. She grabs her and shouts at her to leave her house. Dua asks her to calm down. Gazal takes a vase while Dua and Dadi are talking. She hits Dadi on the head while Dua screams.. it turns out to be Gazal’s dream. All come there while Dadi is shouting at Gazal to leave the house. Hina asks her to calm down. Dadi shouts at Gazal to get lost from the house. Haider comes there and shouts what’s going on here? all look on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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