Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 17th May 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Sikander strangles Eisha. Armaan and Veer get up and attack him. Sikander shoves them away. Mehak gathers powers of her ancestors. Sikander bites eisha. Aaliy says Sikander the full moon is ending you have to hurry. Sikander stands under the moon. Aaliya starts her spell Sikander gets the wings. Soemone coems and attacks her. It’s Mehak. Aaliya tries to fight her but Mehak holds her back.

Armaan and Veer attack Sikander and take Parasman from him. Daksh stabs Sikander. He says take Eisha and MAlini from here. I will handle him. Daksh says this is for my mom and everyone you made me kill. You can kill your son, you don’t deserve to live. He stabs her. Sikander says you will kill your brother? Daksh says you said we have no emotions or regrets.

Sikander says says you will regret if you kill me because you will not be able to meet maa. She’s alive. Daksh says you are lying. You made me kill her. Sikander says do you wanna meet her? I made her drink my blood and she’s alive, so is everyone. Daksh says you are lying. Sikadner says if you wanna meet mom take me from here.

Mehak tries to get Eisha to open eyes. Veer says why is Eisha not opening eyes. Eisha opens eyes. Armaan hugs her. Armaan tells Eisha Sudha gave her life to save you from being a wolf. Malini has also died.

The next morning Vihaan tells Eisha everyone is going for funeral of your mom and Malini. Eisha says I am sorry I couldn’t save Malini. She had to pay for our sins. people we love always leave us. Everyone left you too. You are alone because of me. He says my sister is with me. Thank God you’re alive. i am not alone as long as you are there. He leaves a letter from Sudha there.

Eisha reads it. Eisha sees Sudha. She says life is so weird. When yu were born I gave you away to Vyom’s brother. I experienced motherhood for a few moments only. I cherished those moments forever and spent my whole life on those moments. i missed you every moment. I used to think about your first words, first steps, first school. Eisha says why didn’t you come to meet me?

Sudha says for a mother it’s more important to protect her child than to be with them. You were an angira. I had to protect you. I had to keep you away from life of wolves forever. I am grateful to Vyom’s brother and his wife for protecting you and bringing you up better than me. Please call me maa once. eisha says ma… She imagines hugging Sudha. Eisha cries

Everyone goes to the funeral. Eisha cries hugging Vihaan. Veer says it’s all my fault. It all happened because of me. I shouldn’t have made you drink my blood. It’s my fault. Eisha syas I am not sure what did was right or wrong but I will never forgive you for its consequence. Veer looks at the Maheshi bite on his hand. Mahir smirks at him. Armaan sees it.

Armaan comes after Veer and asks why are you behaving weird? He says funerals are depressing. Armaan asks how did this happen? Veer says it’s a Maheshi love bite. Armaan says why didn’t you tell me? Veer says what would you do? You can’t fix it. It’s my death warrant. Armaan says we have always found solutions together. We fight but we have always been together.

Veer says you should be happy. I won’t bother you anymore. No more Eisha stress either. I will bother you for the remaining days I have. Veer says when did we shake hands last time? He extends his hand. Armaan holds his hand. Veer says rule landsdale. He leaves.

Scene 3
Veer comes home. he says this is the treatment of my pain and the pain I have given to others. Sham tulsi. He puts it in an injection. He says cheers and injects it in himself.

Episode ends

Precap-Sikander says to Armaan I have the the treatment to save your brother. Armaan says will you help me? Sikander says i can make a deal. There was a ripper here 100 years ago named Armaan Oberoi. He used to kill people. I want you to become that animal again. Armaan says what would you get? He says your slavery.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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