Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhi is Akshu’s Knight in Shining Armor !

The Episode starts with Akshu coming to Abhir and hugging him. She says really sorry, I scolded you and didn’t come to school, I was upset, you did wrong to send docman and me on date. Abhi thinks of Abhir. Akshu says I know your Pap wanted this, but I don’t want this, I want to spend my life with his memories. She hugs him. Abhi asks did you talk to lawyer. Anand says yes. Abhi thinks shall I talk to Akshu. He gets Akshu’s call. Abhir says I want your help. Abhi says wait. Mahima says if investors leave, then I will not leave that builder. Anand says person disappears when we need him.

Abhi says sorry Abhir, I can’t help you. Abhir says fine, I will ask mumma. Akshu comes and asks did you talk to docman. Abhir says he is busy, he needs you, there is a problem in the hospital, he needs a lawyer. She says you are lying again. He says no, its true, I heard everyone talking about the problem, help them. She thinks should I go there, but how shall I there, they might feel strange, there is something wrong for sure. Akshu gets a call. The man says I need a lawyer, can you meet me.

Abhi tries to talk to the lawyer. He throws the phone and says who will we get at the last moment. Akshu comes. She picks the phone and asks can I help you in this case. Abhi says yes, I was thinking to call you. He says Tai ji, Akshara is a lawyer. Mahima asks can you handle it. Akshu says I will try my best. Mahima says the meeting should not get cancelled, remember this. She goes. Aarohi says this file has all the case related details. Akshu asks what does the builder want. Abhi says he is just doing this to trouble us.

Anand and Aarohi go for work. Rohan says there are more files, I will call the investor and come. Abhi explains the case. The man says Parth ji, you work hard and you lose the rights to Abhi. Parth says its okay, we have joined hands now, I gave you the tender. The man Gulati says I have to give half profits to you. They shake hands. Mahima comes and looks on. They hide the matter. She goes.

Abhi talks to Akshu. She asks him to eat chocolate and sit quiet. She says don’t teach me my work. She scolds him. She loosens her hair. Abhi looks at her and tries to move her hair. Dekheya…plays…. Aarohi comes. Akshu asks how was the surgery. Aarohi says good, set up the projector in conference room, I will get the investors. Abhi sees Akshu’s dress getting torn and recalls the past. He sees the investors. He goes to Akshu and says wear this coat, don’t panic, your kurta is torn. She says I can’t take your jacket. He says please wear it, they will come. Everyone comes and sits. Abhi says sorry, I wasn’t there last time, I want to navigate this matter with her. He stays beside Akshu.

Parth asks the men to keep the cylinders fast. He thinks everyone is busy in meeting. Gulati gives the cheque. Parth says we have to do a lot. Abhi covers up Akshu and walks with her. Dekheya….plays….

The presentation is done. The investor says strategy is nice, I know you will win this case, I would like to invest in Birla hospital. Everyone smiles. Abhi thanks them. They all leave. Akshu and Abhi dance. She thanks him. He says I should say thanks, you saved the day. She says I should go now.

Abhi says take the coat, you aren’t taking it, because its mine, you have a chocolate, I want to sell my jacket. She gives the chocolates and takes the jacket. She wears it and thanks him.

Abhi makes the house. She recalls Akshu. She comes and asks by what right are you thinking about me and helped me in the meeting, you have feelings for me, yes or no. He shouts no, its not like that. Shefali comes and asks is this because of Akshu. He turns away. Akshu says Abhir looks lovely in docman’s blazer. Abhir says but you looked cute, it fits you. She says I didn’t want to see his face before, now we are best friends. Abhir thinks elders don’t do anything and aren’t letting me do anything. He prays.

Shefali says its not wrong to have feelings for anyone, tell it to Akshu. Akshu asks Abhi to say it. Abhi says I…

Update Credit to: Amena

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